Is it Hard to be a Twitter Manager?

I am a Twitter Manager for many writers and corporate accounts.  I get asked all the time about how to make as much money as I do?  It all seems pretty simple to most, but on the contrary it is not.  It has taken me years and years of knowledge to get where I am.  It also takes tons of knowledge.

I have a very strong backing in natural health as a former Natural News writer, owner of natural health forums and Freelance Writer.  I have over 800 articles on various subjects that were researched and studied.  I have not only written on the subjects but have experimented on my own body searching for perfect treatments for certain illnesses. FDA does not want me to say the word cure, so we must say treatments, lol. 

From this experience and knowledge I am able to handle health accounts who ask me numerous questions from dementia to dandruff recipes.  If I had no knowledge at all in the field I could not handle the accounts.  I am a black seed consultant for a corporation due to the fact that I have extensive knowledge on how to "treat" people with black cumin (Nigella sativa).  All of this is put together to help my clients not worry about their pages.

I am also a former Real Estate Broker with over 10 years of experience running my own real estate firm.  I am an expert in investing, short sales and foreclosures.  I know a great deal about investing in business and commercial accounts.  This is why I can handle real estate accounts too.

Besides all of this I studied everything about Twitter. I know how to upload backgrounds, change colors, add in photos and handle what is necessary to keep my pages running and Twitter happy.  Being a Twitter Manager is a full time job.

Do not start or even think about working on Twitter unless you are willing to devote most of your day to Twitter and your clients.  Now we are handling newspapers for our clients in addition to the many phases of running their business and their pages.

Is it hard to be a Twitter Manager? Yes, indeed it is.  Don't look at the money I make or charge, look at my background.  You cannot start out tomorrow and start looking for clients.  You have to have a strong article base first and work for enough companies to get your feet wet.

You cannot be an average writer.  You must be a good writer.  Patting myself on the back now, lol.  You must have contacts and then you must have people skills.  Ok, I have people skills.  It is my way or no way.  I don't tolerate a lot from my clients.  I expect loyalty and I give tons of extras.  Put your foot down with how you want to run your accounts.  If you listen to your clients wishes, you and your client may be broke.

You must run the pages as a business and not as a friendship.  You must make decisions based on the overall outcome, not trying to please your client.  Your clients will stay if you make them money.  Even if you lose one or two clients along the way, that is ok too as you must gather around you the type of people who will reflect back on you.  You cannot be a successful manager with a bad reputation for failed pages. Do not be afraid to put your foot down.  Be assertive and be tactful.

Tell them that you understand how they feel, but their suggestions may bankrupt them.  I started out with one writer and 5,000 followers.  I now have corporate accounts and many writers.  I have over 90,000 followers, lol.  I learned a lot along the way and the one thing I found out and that was I need to make the decisions and I need to give lots of presents along the way.

I am always thinking of free things to help my clients with.  There are numerous times in the months where I give bonuses and I will bust my butt trying to help my clients make money.  Any one wanting to sit back and cash the check will never be successful.  I love my clients and they love me.

Is being a Twitter Manager hard? Yes indeed it is. Are you looking for a Twitter Manager for a health or Finance Page?  Contact me at

Photo courtesy of Photobucket: Zainibakrys