Black Cumin Recipes: You asked and here they are!

I just had to write something today as we just passed 100,000 page views and my 15th member just signed up.  I think that deserves a high five.

When I started on Twitter two years ago, no one ever heard of Nigella sativa and black cumin and the pages were very slim.  Now twice someone has hacked this blog trying to take about my followers and my links. lol.  I must have hit the top now.  Instead of bragging I want to take a moment to reflect on how lucky I am.  I am blessed that so many people want to learn more about this blessed seed and I am blessed that they want to follow me.

I am humbled and amazed by the amount of attention I have attained here and on Twitter and I just want to thank you all so much.  This is my top money earner blog and it is the place I do come to write a lot.  It is a place that I hope you all feel happy too.  Some days there will be tears and some days there will be rainbows, but thanks to Allah he is there to guide up all to a better tomorrow.

I just posted a wonderful recipe from my Blessed Seed ebook, called "naan bread with black cumin seeds."  It is a wonderful recipe about Indian bread.  Besides my naan bread recipe, you can find these recipes here on this blog:

Cucumber Salad with Yogurt and Black Seeds
Nigella Sativa Power Mixture 
Energized Honey with Black seed, ginseng, cinnamon and bee pollen
How to Make Healthier Clarified Butter
Healthy Black Seed Granola
OJ Slushie with Black Seed Oil