How to Eliminate Migraines Forever with Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin)

15 years ago I arrived overseas and was not prepared for the things I would have to endure.  I had brought a one month supply of Fiornal with me for my migraines and just knew that in the whole country of Jordan, they would have something similar.  I was indeed wrong though and my next months were going to be some of the worse of my life.

My migraines were not minor, they were intense and many times in the year I would also have cluster headaches.  I use to put a sign on my desk in America, "I have a migraine."  This means don't even come around me.  The medicine made me high and giggly and when I was taking the medicine I was not the same person.  I just wanted to be free of the pain.

The pain intensified so much that I paid over $125 to get an injection to stop the pain and many times it did not work.  I tried all of these self proclaimed miracle natural cures and none of them work.  One of the natural cures was to take olive oil mixed with lemon to prevent the headache, a pure waste of time.

So when I came to Jordan I went to the pharmacy to look for something to take and there was absolutely nothing other than the basic Tylenol tablets and generic brands.  Anyone with migraines can tell you that these do nothing.  I wanted to cut my brain open with a knife and let the pressure out.  I tried so many things and would tie a scarf around my head as tight as I could to stop the pain.  The only relief I ever had was with frozen wash rags that I placed on my face.

Then one day I heard about this miracle herb called "Gizhah." Gizhah is Nigella sativa or black cumin.  I was desperate by now so would try anything.  I started mixing heated gizhah with honey and I ate the honey like candy.  It was so delicious.  I noticed after a few months that my headaches came less often.  I did not know then how to get rid of the headaches like I do now, but this was the start of my being rid of my migraines.

As I look back to those days when I was in such pain, I can only thank Allah for his miracle.  My migraines ended totally and to this day some 15 years later I have never had another migraine.  I do get occasional light headaches maybe once a year.  I take gizhah regularly and it is part of my daily routine and problems I had in the past have disappeared.

One of my first articles on Natural News was about migraines.  I just so wanted people to feel better.  You can read my entire article there:

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More than 100,000 people have tweeted this article on Twitter and I am humbled by the demand.  My simple remedy does not just get rid of the headache, it causes you to be free of the pain forever.  Buying a good quality black cumin oil is imperative.  

How to Eliminate Migraines Forever

As soon as the person gets the first sign of an attack, they must take their first dose of Nigella Sativa. Nigella Sativa comes two ways, in the original small tiny black seeds(that need to be heated) and the oils. The oil is what is needed for the migraine, as the oil is very concentrated. For migraines, you need to take the oil and rub it on the back of your neck and over the eyes and at the hairline. Also, if you have pain at the top of your head, dab some there. Then take a few drops and put in each nostril, not deep inside but at the bottom of the nostril, and then breathe in deeply. This needs to be done 3 times a day or as long as the headache remains. You also need to take 1 teaspoon of the oil with one teaspoon of honey when you wake up in the morning. Wait one hour before eating anything for breakfast.

It is best to use raw honey if you have that available in your area. This remedy must be done on the onset of the migraine. It will help a full blown attack, but it is easier to get rid of in the beginning stages. Also, it is very important to avoid all triggers during this period. Nigella Sativa seeds are fairly inexpensive and can be obtained from many sources but many companies do not have the same quality.

Note: Nigella Sativa is toxic in high doses, so moderation is the key here. Nigella Sativa will increase your energy and take away your fatigue. Never take the oil on a full stomach as it will cause you distress.