Black Cumin, Lemon Slices and Honey Tea for the Flu and Cold Season

I saw this on Face Book, minus the black cumin oil and I came up with my own recipe that is more healthier than the originator's recipe.  This simple recipe is both delicious and will hopefully keep you very healthy.

Take a small pint size jar with wide open mouth, such as in the picture and add in two lemons that have been cut into small rings.  Add in 2 inches of sliced ginger and 1 tablespoon of black cumin oil.  Fill the jar to capacity with good raw honey.

Place the jar of lemon honey in your refrigerator. When you are feeling under the weather, take out this jam like substance and put a big dollop in your boiling water and mix well.

This is a lovely way to feel better and even if you are not sick, you can enjoy this new type of tea for wellness without the caffeine.

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