Nigella Sativa - Research shows Black Seed Therapeutic for Aging Women

Another great article by Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo.  Nigella sativa, also known as black cumin, black seeds and haba al barakah has been shown to be beneficial to help women avoid some of the complications of growing old.

We already know that black seeds help menopausal women, grey and balding hair problems.  Read this article to learn more on the research being done.

Article - Research Shows that Black Seed is Therapeutic for Aging Women

Two new studies indicate that black seed (nigella sativa) may provide a unique set of benefits to aging women by protecting both against metabolic syndrome and accelerated bone loss.

As reported previously, black seed has been used for hundreds of years as both a food and medicine, and was once known as 'the remedy for everything but death.' A growing body of scientific research on black seed now indicates that it may have medicinal value in over 40 different health conditions.

The first new study, published in Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin and titled, "Protective Effects of Nigella sativa on Metabolic Syndrome in Menopausal Women," found that when thirty menopausal women (ages 45-60), randomized into two experimental groups, were given either a placebo or 1,000 mg (capsules) per day of black seed powder after breakfast for a period of two months, they saw significant improvement in the following parameters:

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