Black Seed Oil in Gelatin Capsules

I have seen many people buying black seed oil in gelatin capsules and then complaining about why they are not as well as what I write about.  Gelatin capsules are made from pork and worthless.  Imagine the slop pigs are fed.  You eat, what they eat. So when you are eating old, maggot filled foods, you too are infested.

Why do you think that pork meat is so susceptible to parasites?  So do not buy any medicine or capsule made with gelatin. There are however halal or veggie capsules, like the ones I sell and those are acceptable. 

The value in Capsules

Most capsules are over priced.  In each capsule you get 1/4 teaspoon of oil if you are taking a 00 capsule.  So if you are buying 90 capsules, you are getting 22.50 teaspoons or a bit more than a 100ml bottle of oil.  Almost all companies import their capsules and are not from the famous oils they sell.  One top seller on Amazon imports their capsules from Afghanistan. Afghanistan did you say?  Others import from Israel and other foreign countries too.  So buyer beware.  You get what you pay for.

One capsule I was impressed with was from Pharoah.  It is buy one and get two free and the oil is local and the star rating is high. 

When are Capsules Good

If you are diabetic and don't want to add in honey then capsules are acceptable.  Plan on taking them longer than normal though.  There was one 12 year old boy who took 9 capsules as day for brain cancer and he cured his cancer.  So like in all things some capsules are better than others.

How many Capsules do you need?

If you have cancer, you need 12 capsules per day. Taking the capsules may be hard on many cancer patients.  So if you buy 90 capsules you will need 1 bottle per week.  So much easier to put one tablespoon in a saucer with 1 teaspoon of honey and lick up the mixture.  Life just does not have to be so hard.

My Opinion

Yes I always have an opinion.  Don't waste your money on capsules. Be the MAN and take your medicine right and spend the time that is needed to be healthy and wise.

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