Affiliate Sales and Who I recommend and My Life Plan

I have begun to organize websites and articles. OMG!!! there is so much work to do and I figure at least one year or more. I never realized how much work was needed. In the process of selecting affiliate companies, I have come to one conclusion, that I can not compete.
These larger companies are offering free shipping, 100% returns, best shippers such as UPS international. Iherb ships for $8 international over $40. Amazon has the best selection for US residents. I do not like the international Amazon. Starwest as the best reputation for herbs. Iherb does sell many Starwest herbs and great values.
Iherb sells 10 days of probiotics for $1. How can I compete? I just can't and it is futile to even think I can. What they can't offer is service. What my company was famous for was offering direct contact with the owner in guidance what to buy to treat cancers and disease.
I have found no company that offers fig leaves of quality or Yemeni Honey and Honeycomb. If I do come back next year, those products will be my mainstay. I however will probably not return as by then most will have found alternatives.
I am amazed at what these companies offer and I am proud to be able to offer them to my clients now and have researched what is best. I will continue to update my articles and books and rest as much as I can.

What I have found is that glucosamine chrondroitin helped the most when taken in 1500mg daily. Taking one a day did nothing. Myrrh was second best and the cream was invaluable. The cream we mixed many oils including black seed oil and myrrh oils and 6 other oils.
Diet is imperative and lifestyle is a change. I am more calm these days and I tolerate little. Have eliminated friends and some were just royal pains in the batoot. I know more of where I want to be and have accepted more of what my destiny is.
I tell you it was highly humiliating closing my stores. It was an ego thing you know. I worked hard to help clients get the products and now we are posting recipes to help people to try to create their own protocols. While they can never do what I did, they can come closer to what they were doing before.
I have learned to accept hibernation more and have set up people to help me. I am suppose to go for the awful MRI this week. As you know I am against these things as they cause cancer but it appears it is a must.
I have a worker who works outside and does the cleaning and one woman who helps inside and my loyal taxi of course. I then have my beautiful cats who support me often.
I have been blessed beyond measure. I buy in bulk now to have lots of food and herbs in my house so I do not have to go out much. My pain is minimal and I have learned how to control most. The inflammation is down and so is the swelling.
It is colder than blazes in my home but I have tons of heaters and I am sure my elec bill will be enormous. I feel blessed and honored that people trusted me and let me in their home. I feel so lucky to have learned what I have and to had illnesses to help others with. I hope that what I have shared has helped most and healed many.

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