Greenpower Blend and Black Cumin Seeds - A Powerful Testimony for Health

 I did a body scan of one of my followers and discovered she had multiple health issues.  I wrote to her sister and recommended a protocol using Starwest Botanicals Green Power Blend and Black cumin Seeds.

At first she was a little hesitant, but I insisted this was step one of what was needed.  My friend finally agreed and ordered the products and little did I know, but she shared the protocol with all of her sisters, not just the one I suggested needed help.

Today on Face Book 3 of the sisters started sharing their testimonies:
  1. "I agree with Maria, My sisters and I all have ailments of different types and have used black seed in the past and have seen improvements.  We have recently mixed it with green superfood and there is a marked difference in all of us.  Clearer thinking and more energy in all 4 of us."
  2. "Yes. We all feel a lot better"
  3. "Feeling really good."
  4. "MY skin is clearer too.  My crows feet are not as noticeable now also. "

So what was my protocol?

It was quite simple.  Order 1 pound of this wonderful power blend and add in 25% of black cumin seeds.  Some of the sisters chose to use a 50/50 blend mixture.  Some blended it in smoothies, added it to stews and cooking and some placed them in capsules.  

There were multiple places to order the very popular blend from depending on your needs.  

Amazon does not ship overseas, but they do have good prices and quick shipping in the US and so we chose them for the 4 sisters: 

But for me and my mom we chose iherb because they had free shipping over $20 purchases and great international shipping to all countries.  Make sure to choose UPS. 

If you want to use Starwest Botanicals they do ship to Canada.  Slightly higher in prices than both Amazon and Iherb.

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