Cancer - You Better Ask Mommy First

It never fails when someone learns about natural remedies, someone in the family and sometimes the entire family says no.  Cancer is one of the scariest things you will face and face you will with not just the disease, but Mommy.

Why do mommies care?  In the Middle East the mother is the head of the family and whatever she says goes.  So even though you know chemo kills and radiology increases cancer, you better we wary before ordering any natural remedies.

Do not sign up for consultations either until you have a family conference.  There are no refunds on consultation or any food products.  Well that is all I sell.  Before you commit to spending on an expensive protocol, consult your family.

So now the family agrees, how about the patient?  No protocol including cannabis will work without a diet.  Many many people using cannabis come to me because it just is not working.  It makes them high, but it is not curing their cancer.  I think down the road we will see more research studies done on cannabis, but not now.

As more and more states approve medical cannabis, we will see more freedom. BUT WAIT, STILL DO NOT USE IT ALONE.  That is right.  Now Islamic ulimah have given the approval that medical marijuana or cannabis is allowed. But still wait.  I suggest highly that this should be part of your protocol, not the entire taco.  Add in 1 tablespoon of black seed oil with Yemeni honey and you will be better off. Trust me.

Now when you are taking the black seed oil, give some to Mom too so it will make her strong and wise and energetic.  Give the oil with freshly squeezed orange juice and you will have tons of energy.  Add it to a honeycomb, dark preferably and you will have vitality.  Add in some garlic to that honey and you will be good, real good.

Curing cancer does not take a brain scientist, it does take know how.  Rarely can anyone do it alone and please tell Mom, to let us do this alone.   When do many brain scientist are involved the patient fails.  Everyone has an opinion.  The protocol should be followed exact and do not wave on the diet and lifestyle.

To learn more on how to implement my protocol, buy the book.  Take the challenge and let Mommy read it too.

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