Holiday Must Haves - From Spiralers to Roasting Pans - Be Prepared

Are you ready for the big day?  It is good to have all the gadgets that you need to making this dinner run smoothly.

Such are the Luxuries in Life.  These products were suggested to me as the 2nd most desired for the holidays.  So I said OK, Why NOT? 

One of my favorite new gadgets is a "Spiraler."  They are so easy to use and can make the salads and extras look super professional.  The spiraler comes in many sizes and prices range from $10 and up.

Funny Mugs - Oh how this will brighten up your guest's faces and keep them occupied and away from the crystal ware that you don't want broken.

POTATO RICER - Oh I just love this gadget.  A potato ricer is so much fun.  It is a must have on this holiday and actually any time.  The prices range from $21 and up.

HOLIDAY TABLE RUNNERS AND TABLECLOTHS - A beautifully set table will make all the difference.  It will bring fresh memories of the Waltons and Martha Stewart.  Family gatherings are so very important.  Prices range from $7.99 and up

CHRISTMAS COOKIE CUTTERS - OH BOY!! What would Christmas be without homemade cookies and cakes.  These cookie cutters will please your tiny tots and big ones too.  Prices start at $4.99

Turkey Roaster - Oh the age of modern technology.  Do you remember the old blue roasters we had as children?  Well things have changed now.  Roasters start at $39.99

Gravy Boats - Does anyone still use a gravy boat?  Sure they do.  I remember growing up at my grandma's house and that antigue gravy boat was used too  often.  Prices start at $11.99

Turkey Baster - A must have for any holiday kitchen.  This makes using the broth for the turkey skin so much easier.  Prices start at $5.

Pasta Pot - Oh boy would I love to have one of these.  So nice and so practical.  You do not have to be Italian to enjoy these.


Holidays are family time and a time to enjoy and make memories.  Special times for everyone to join in together and sing songs.  It is a time also to thank God for what you have been given.  I hope this holiday that you have safety, health and wealth, but most of all I wish you Love.

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