How to Make the Famous Pandemic's Thieves Oil

Pandemic's Best Friend has to be oils and plants from Mother nature and there is no better protocol for the pandemic than the ones in this article, call the Four Thieves Oil.  

The Four thieves oils one of the most talked about old recipes from the time of Nostradamus.  Nostradamus (1503 - 1566), was a renown prophet, astrologer and doctor who cured people of the plague using rose petal pills.  No one is quite sure what went into those pills, but we do know that he used the therapeutic oils and plants.  Nostradamus and his employees all survived the dreaded plague.  

During the 15th century there was a well known doctor named Jean Valnet.  He wrote a book which contained the original four thieves formula and also a formula called the Marseilles Vinegar.

He tells a story about how four thieves had a formula made that they used on themself to not get ill when they robbed the graves and the very ill.  This anti-plague formula was kept secret with them.

They were caught and were to be hanged. and the court ruled they could get a lesser sentence if they gave their secret recipe.  After the court got the recipe, the four thieves were hung.  There are more than 17 versions of  the Four Thieves Story and their recipe.  We can only hope that the versions posted here are the best and ones that can help you the most.

The Four Thieves Oil is meant to purify the air, improve your immune system, increase circulation and your respiratory system and help to maintain your body in its optimum condition during times of plague or winter months when viruses and flu's attack.

You can add any essential oil that you find useful.  For me I would definitely add black seed oil.  Other suggestions would be oregano, sage, thyme and bay laurel.

 Four Thieves Formula (original)


 Four Thieves Formula (original)


Dr. Christopher's Anti-Plaque Formula

This is the famous formula Dr. Christopher Created for fighting outbreaks of plague, plus colds and flus and any rapid systemic infections.  Dosage:  Same of the dosage on the preceding formula.


4 ounces Black Walnut concentrate
4 ounces Wormwood Concentrate
4 ounces Marshmallow root concentrate
4 ounces Lobelia leaf or seed concentrate
4 ounces Mullein Leaf concentrate
4 ounces Skullcap leaf concentrate
4 ounces Uva Ursi, Hyrangea or Gravel root concentrate
8 ounces Comfrey root concentrate
32 ounces Apple cider vinegar
20 ounces Honey (raw, unfiltered and local is best)
20 ounces glycerine
8 ounces Garlic juice (fresh, raw organic) .


Each concentrate should be made individually.

Start by soaking each herb for four hours or more in enough stilled water per 4 ounces of herbs.

After adding the appropriate amount of distilled water to the soaked herbs, simmer on a very low heat in a covered saucepan or double boiler for 30 minutes.

Strain the decoction and place into an uncovered clean pan or uncovered double boiler and simmer it down to 1/4 the original amount in other words 4 oz.


Each concentrate should be made separately and then only mixed when the entire formula is blended together. Using the amounts in this handout 120 ounces (approximately one gallon) will be made. 

If you desire to make less, just reduce all the proportions equally. To make eight ounces of garlic juice takes one full pound or more of fresh garlic. Fresh garlic juice is extremely potent. That's what makes the formula work.

Courtesy of  Author states that She still "stands firm" that the raw garlic/echinacea duo is JUST as effective (and is a ZILLION times more palatable.  She is comparing to the Dr. Schultz Garlic protocol, below.

( Dr. Schulz) once had an elderly woman that had a life threatening lung infection ---seemed to me to have been bacteria/fungal--- whom had been treating it aggressively for months/years (?), and after several rounds of IV antibiotic/treatments, the doctors sent her home to die. 

After hearing about garlic she called Dr. Schulze in 3 days to announce a TOTAL cure. If I'm recalling this story correctly, it seems even Dr. Schulze was amazed..."How MUCH garlic did you ingest?!". She replied, "50 cloves a day for 3 day". Oh yeah, that'd do it for sure).

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