When it is Time to Use "Tough Love" to Heal Your Loved Ones

I remember three years ago when I started in the black seed business and people laughed at me for even bringing up the subject that a miraculous black seed could cure cancer and heal migraines.  

In fact I had an editor delete all my articles on the subject due to "her" lack of knowledge.  I removed my articles off of her website and posted them on this blog.  

Big mistake on her part.  Now black cumin (Nigella sativa) is one of the most popular herbs of this century.  Even Google has taken notice of the potential here and is giving more and more rank to such websites.  As much knowledge that I have spread throughout the community, there will always be those who do not have enough faith to believe.

Knowing the right answers to heal someone's illness is not the same as being able to convince them that you are right. It may come a time when you as a parent may have to put your foot down and take control of a situation and make the child follow a path that is good for him, such as finishing high school or returning a necklace he stole from K-Mart.  

Tough love means being stern enough to want the best for the loved one even if it means losing them.

What is tough love? 

According to Collins Dictionary.com, "The practice of taking a stern attitude towards a relative or friend suffering from an addiction, etc, to help the addict overcome the problem."

Tough love in healing uses the same protocol.  Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and demand your loved ones listen to you.  You may even have to issue ultimatums.  

Having tough love is not easy and I remember once with my son when he was 16 I had to use tough love and he cried and cried, but I stood firm and he learned from this that he had responsibilities in this life.

If your husband, son or even father has cancer they may only have one chance. Are you ready to watch them die or are you ready to put your foot down and demand they try it your way?  Tough love may help or it may hinder and in some cases it may cause your loved ones to leave you.  

In the end you did the best you could and you tried.  People who use chemo have a 2.1 percent chance of survival over 5 years.  Having tough love is better than allowing them to be part of the conventional world where you know what the end result will be. 

While I always hope cancer will never touch my family, I know deep down that everyone of my followers and the nation will have someone who will be diagnosed with cancer.  My one prayer is that I can give you enough knowledge to where you and your loved ones can make an informed choice.

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