Black Cumin and Olive Oils - The best massage oil for pain

About two weeks ago I did a bad, bad, bad thing.  I decided to repot my large lemon tree I had purchased a few days ago.  I put it in a pot way too small.  The roots were on top and it was not going to grow.  So basically, I saved a life, lol

My girlfriend told me no, no, no, don't do that, you will hurt your back.  I said "No, I am just going to dump the pot over."  Well stupid me pulled out my disc (sciatica) and never in my life have I ever ever been in such pain.  I was even in the hospital.  I tried absolutely everything and nothing worked.

Well my gardener came to my home to bring me some fig leaves she just processed for me and saw how much pain I was in.   She told me she could do a massage if I like.  She explained that her brother broke his leg and instead of tons of pain meds, they used black cumin oil and olive oil.

I thought she meant separately.  No, she mixes them together and massages very hard to get the oils in the skin deep.  When I say hard, I mean hard.  So she did this for around 10 minutes and let me tell you, it is a miracle work.

So I have a jar of olive oil and black cumin oil on my bedside that I use when I have pain.  Many times I can use that instead of pain treatments.  The other thing I use is turmeric.  I take lots of turmeric mixed with black seeds and black pepper.  Not just any black pepper, but Ceylon black pepper.

I look for the day when I am out of pain, but for now these two things work like a charm.

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