Live Past 100 like Bernardo La Pallo

I met Bernardo La Pallo on Facebook.  Sadly he has died though.  When this story was written he was 112 and he lived to be 114.  I watched some of his videos and was amazed at how he lived.  He put so much fruits in his smoothies. He bought blueberries by the box, not carton.  He ate only brown rice and he had salmon twice a week.  You will find some links to his personally written books below.   I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about this very amazing man.   

Meet Bernando LaPallo

Do you juice greens with a vegetable juicer and make smoothies with organic fruit regularly? Maybe you should. Are you 100 years young and happy, and in your kitchen bouncing around, making your own food and still promoting your way of life? You could be.

What is the secret to longevity? Where is the "soul juice" from the fountain of youth actually found? Is it only in Mesa, Arizona? Maybe it's growing in Oregon or Washington State. Maybe there is still some organic soil out there, and farmers who know what they're doing, cycling crops, using clean water without fluoride and bleach, and using heirloom seeds that aren't contaminated with genetically modified ingredients, pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide or algaecide.

Maybe there are people who don't get lab-concocted prescription drugs every time they feel a cold or allergy coming on. Maybe, just maybe, organic food is the fountain of youth. It's time to ask someone who is 112 years old and doesn't suffer from cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, emphysema or irritable bowel syndrome. It's time you knew the story of the man in America who is 112 years young, bouncing around his kitchen making barley soup, juicing vegetables and answering phone calls daily about HOW he did it, and how he is STILL doing it right now. Bernando LaPallo turns 113 this summer -- do you?

An interview with Bernando!

1. What's your favorite food Bernando? "My favorite food is fruit and vegetables. On the side I love salmon. I eat salmon about twice a week with a salad."

2. How many miles do you walk a day? "I walk a mile and a half every day."

3. What are your favorite vegetables for juicing? "I use carrots, beets, collard greens, kale, spinach and broccoli. I juice about twice a week."

4. What's your favorite smoothie combination? "I squeeze my own orange juice because the nutrient content is better. In a blender I add one ripe banana, a generous amount of blueberries, a teaspoon of garlic paste -- that I make myself, blended with olive oil, and 2 tablespoons of Dr. Schulze's Superfood green powder (contains organic wild ingredients). Now, if you make it like I make it -- it will taste good. All those ingredients are extremely good for you. I make smoothies daily. I will also add strawberries and cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is good for your eyes, and since my daddy told me to take care of my eyes, I add that."

5. Do you always buy organic? "Yes I buy organic as much as possible. If it's labeled organic, I buy it, but that being said -- not everything that say's it's organic is. Here in Arizona, there was a store that said they were, but it was not. So that made me very cautious. You can't be too careful."

6. What day is your birthday and how young will you be? "I was born on August 17, 1901. This year I will be celebrating 113 years of health."

7. I remember you saying in a video you remember things from childhood. Could you share a memory with me? "I remember my father telling me one day -- that what he was about to tell me might sound strange, but that in time, it would make sense to me. He said, 'Son, I am your earthly father and I have been given the responsibility by your Heavenly Father to take care of you and teach you the right way to live. If you listen to me and do as I am telling you -- you will live a long and healthy life.' I have done that and here I am today healthy."

Special thanks to Bernando's granddaughter and assistant, Ekayani Chamberlin, for setting up the interview!

The moral of the story

Eat right, exercise, don't be fooled by the pharmaceutical and medical myths and scams, and you might just be fortunate enough to live long and prosper years after reaching the century mark, just like Bernando LaPallo. You know what they say: "Where there's a will, there's a way."

If you want to check out Bernando's brand new book, just follow the Yellow Brick Road, and maybe you too can live healthy well beyond 100 years young! (

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Watch - Bernando Loves Blue Berries. 


Cayenne and Black Seed Oil Saved My Life - Stroke Recovery

It was the 2nd day of EID Fitr (Holiday after Ramadan).  I was feeling depressed and nervous and I fixed myself a cheese sandwich in the grill with no butter at all and very thin slices of mozarella cheese and I also had a Dr. Pepper.  Immediately I had blurry vision, but I had been having blurry vision for days and was a little concerned, but not much.

What came next concerned me. For the first time I got an immediate pain in my brain stem.  Some of you may know that strokes in the brain stem are the worse and they affect:  breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure. It also controls speech, swallowing, hearing, and eye movements.

 Impulses sent by other parts of the brain travel through the brain stem on their way to various body parts. We’re dependent on brain stem function for survival. A brain stem stroke threatens vital bodily functions, making it a life-threatening condition.

So in other words this is the most deadly stroke you can have.  I was working on a long article and wanted to finish but the pain got worse.  I then went to take a cup of cayenne tea to stop any swelling.  I drank the tea and the symptoms got worse.  I then drank another cup of tea.  I then went for the black seed oil and Yemeni Honeycomb I had.  I took some Palestinian Black Seed Oil and soaked the honeycomb and took a huge spoon of the honey mixed with the oils.

I then drank some zam zam water from Saudi Arabia.  My brain continued to swell.  Well how could this be?  Normally one cup of cayenne tea would stop a stroke.  But this was my 3rd stroke and normally very deadly.  So I continue to drink more tea.  In the end I drank 5 cups of tea, 3 glasses of zam zam water and 2 big tablespoons of black seed oil mixed in Yemeni honey.  Finally I had stopped the stroke.

The Cobra Attacks Again

By the end of the day my liver was killing me because I took so much cayenne.  But it had to be done.  I had to stop the Cobra and save my brain.  My brain was swollen though and I had to be very careful.

A stroke is like a cobra and it will attack again and again.  I knew and told my friend, that it will come again.  Sure enough on the second day my entire left side of my body was numb.  So I had to start the protocol again.  This day I only took 2 cups of tea, zam zam water and black seed oil.

By the third day I was feeling my brain was decreased in swelling but still very sick and extremely weak.

The 4th Day

By the 4th day I was feeling better and more energetic.  I took no more cayenne tea but had cayenne in my food regularly.

First two days of a stroke eat no solid food, you only have your morning smoothie and carrot juice.  As you feel better on the 3rd day start with bland foods and soup.  By the 4th day you can add in food.

Today I am feeling very good.

What did I do?

I had great help from a Natural doc Named Paul Blake.  You can go to his website Here

The first thing he had me do was to drink the morning smoothie.  See Recipe here

It is very healthy and so easy to make.  I did add in one pack of stevia and some date syrup and some collagen powder.  I also juiced around 12 carrots with assorted veggies, ginger and lemon.  That is all I had the first two days.

The 3rd day I had some parslane with 1/2 tomato, chopped, some chopped pecans in some goat yogurt with one whole wheat pita bread.  The fourth day I added the cayenne pepper to the yogurt salad instead of using the tea.

Felt great and energetic.  Doc Paul had me to take Vitamin B3 also with this protocol.   While I still have a long way to go, I am doing marvelous for someone who had a major stroke.

If I had to take 5 cups of cayenne, it was a big one.  That is what Doc Paul told me.  So he said cayenne saved my live.  It is not a joke guys.  Get some cayenne and have it accessible.

Hot Kettle a Must

Now you need a source to heat your water immediately.  You do not have time to heat water on the stove.  Here is one I like much.  It is reasonable priced too.  Buy here

Vegetarian Diet

Doc Paul said you need to eat one pound of veggies at lunch and dinner.  So you need mostly raw (70%), your morning smoothie and buy a juicer. too.  A juicer is a must.  I have a Phillips I love, but it is only available overseas.   The Breville is a top seller - here

David Wolf swears by the Silver Bullet and I just love it for grinding herbs and seeds too.  Buy here

Do not be fooled into thinking 4 days is enough to cure any stroke.  You are constantly on guard and looking out.  But it begins with cayenne, continues with black seed oil and ends with a healthy diet.

I went to have my blood checked.  Here are my results:  cholesterol 175, triglycerides 87, HDL 65 and LDL 100.  My lab doc said I was in fantastic shape and asked what I did.  Simple I take black seed oil daily.