Natural Infertility Remedies from the Middle East

Infertility and sterility are huge problems in the Middle East. Too often women or men are unable to conceive. I have often wondered why the rate of infertility is so high here.  Could it be the water or just what is in the air? Either way there are many families who do not have children.  Many women will run to the doctor to try getting pregnant by insemination.  The procedure is very expensive and the majority of the time it does not work.  I have several friends who have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on these procedures to be very disappointed.

Why are women so concerned? Because many men, not all will find a new wife who can give them children.  This is a heartbreaking situation for families to endure.  Thankfully there are some natural remedies that do work in many of the cases.  These remedies should be tried before you spend thousands of dollars on doctors that may not work.

If you are a Muslim, Arab or live in the Middle East, one of the first things to consider is jinn.  If someone has placed black magic on you, you may not be able to conceive until the jinn is removed.  His job is to kill the unborn babies.  One of the signs of being possessed is a sudden change in your periods.  You may notice that your periods are irregular and suddenly occurring every two weeks.

Natural Remedies from the Middle East for Infertility

1.  This remedy is From Sheik Nazim.  It is a remedy that he suggests and I trust him emphatically.  It is an old fashion remedy using some simple items.  He suggests to take 4 kilos of dates and twice as much water.  Boil the dates down to half and then squeeze the juice through a cloth go get all the valuable water free.  Mix this water with 1/3 of a liter of carob juice.  Drink 1/2 cup of this water every morning and evening.  The water must be refrigerated.

2.  Black Cumin for Infertility.  Black Cumin or Nigella sativa has been proven to treat infertility and menstrual problems.  Taking black cumin in any form with treat this problem, but there are several "so called" perfect recipes on the web.  One website suggest you mix chamomile tea with black cumin.  Boil a tea of chamomile and black cumin together and drink two cups a day with honey. This mixture will increase sex drive and the male sperm count. 

Take 2 teaspoons of the black seed oil a day mixed with Manuka honey or a good quality raw honey.  Take the first teaspoon 1/2 hour before breakfast and the second teaspoon before sleeping.

Of course I always recommend Perfect Press Black Seed Oil.  

3.  Saffron Tea.  Another simple recipe is by drinking saffron tea.  Take one liter of water and add in one tablespoon of saffron.  Boil this water for 5 minutes and drink this tea the first 3 to 4 days of your period.

4.  Almonds and Walnuts with Honey.  The best way to increase sperm count for men is to take a large tablespoon daily of almonds, walnuts and honey.  This can be made up in advance using my black cumin energy mixture.  It has black cumin in it to help with infertility also.

No remedy works over night.  If after a few months you are not pregnant, then try one of the other ones listed.  Avoid coriander, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers and limit basil.  Reduce your weight if you are obese and take turmeric daily.  For men to increase the sperm count, take asparagus, dates and almonds.

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