Woman Cures MS and Epilepsy with Black Seed Oil

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When I hear news like this I just want to shout for joy.  We are seeing more and more people who are cured of major diseases using black seed oil.  I wrote earlier on a boy who cured his Brain cancer with 9 capsules a day of black seed oil and now we have this wonderful news. Although this news is not on a scientific study, it is news of remarkable in nature.

This was posted on Yahoo questions.  A man was looking for anyone with personal stories who have actually proven the hadith (saying of the Prophet) stating that black cumin seeds are a cure for everything except death. He like others doubted the truth of this statement by Prophet Mohammad. The actual hadith reads, Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah’s beloved Prophet (PBUH) saying ”There is healing in Black Seed for all diseases except death.”

Here is Amanda's story:

When I was 18, I started showing symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). I wasn't a Muslim at the time. I also had other spinal conditions, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and epilepsy as well. So obviously, separating out what symptoms belonged to what (besides the obvious) was a little difficult for me. 

At 20, I had an MRI and MRA of my brain and spinal cord. They found a few lesions across my spinal cord and a couple across my brain (one being from a car accident where I was hit by a drunk driver). I was a bit worried, but not too much. At age 23, after I'd started studying Islam, I had another scan as I was having symptoms again (known as a flare).

My doctor told me that if I had one more flare within 2 years, I would be diagnosed with a form of MS that progresses quickly. Unfortunately, it looked like my life expectancy would be between another 10-15 years before I would die from lesions on my brain shutting down my ability to regulate my breathing, heart rate, etc.

During this exam, I had been studying Islam for a couple of months. I kept the potential diagnosis and prognosis a secret from family (especially my mother, who was still struggling from having to escape domestic violence) and friends because I didn't want to worry anyone without having a positive diagnosis. The problem with the secret was that I was in an incredible amount of pain all the time and I couldn't tell anyone why besides "fibromyalgia" or "my back hurts where I had that surgery".

After I received a sign from Allah, I decided to become a Muslim. And with my new found faith, I was unwilling to resign myself to subcomming to my conditions. I read up and found the hadith you're speaking of. 

I started taking black seed or black seed oil just before fajr (sunrise) and after isha (after sunset and before midnight) with my daily medications. I had complete faith that it would help slow it down or even halt the progression of the illness.

What I didn't think would happen was exactly what did- a complete cure. I noticed, about 5 months after I started using the treatment, that my epilepsy which had been out of control for years was now managed easily on one prescription when I had been out of control on 8 pills a day for it. And nothing prepared my doctors or me for the MRI and MRA I had of my CNS (central nervous system).

Nerve tissue, once scarred, can never be healed. Once scarred it will be scarred forever. This means the spinal cord, brain, and peripheral nerves are forever damaged once they are. But the lesions on my spinal cord were gone. 

Like they never happened. I have scarring from my spinal surgery still, but the lesions which could have only been explained by MS were gone entirely. The same was true for the lesions on my brain except for the one from the car accident. All gone. And this wasn't a case of "switched scans".

When they found lesions, I had second and third opinions saying the same to confirm. And after this I had the same second and third opinions. 

Doctors could not explain to me how I had been healed. Medical science could not have healed me since the belief is that scarring on nervous tissues is permanent as of now in medicine. All of them used the same explanation with me- "Miracle" and "No way to know how this happened". 

But I know. Allah kept the promise made in that hadith! What I was worried could end up as me dying in my early 30s has become a chance at a full life, al-hamdulilah!

The only way to explain what happened is that using black seed and having complete faith in Allah as specified in the hadith about black seed was effective. Allah knows best and we are given tests. Al-hamdulilah I have gotten such a sign to reaffirm my faith.
Tears come to my eyes just reading this remarkable story of faith. This young woman accepts Islam and as a special gift to her extreme faith is saved from not one, but two diseases.  Her life of pain was gone. 

 I am in sincere hope that this amazing story will help others realize the importance of faith and belief in the impossible.

Note: The oil is 2 1/2 times stronger than the seeds.  If you choose to take the seeds instead you will need 2 1/2 teaspoons of the ground seeds, that have been heated twice a day.  Buying the best oil possible is 

Edit:  Amanda contacted me and she is cured of MS, but doing much better with epilepsy and hopes for a cure soon.  Here health has improved so much that she is even planning on getting married this year.  We appreciate Amanda's story and wish her a total recovery very soon.



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