Woman Lowers Blood Pressure 34 Points in 1 Week with Nigella Sativa

I am just so pleased to announce another testimony.  I was beginning to wonder if my time on Face Book would pay off, but these testimonies are just fabulous.  We just never know when someone will listen to the truth.  I convinced her to order some black cumin oil and sure enough she is just so excited.  Her news today is just out of this world.  Imagine is everyone with high blood pressure did exactly what she has done.  Imagine how your health would improve and how you could have a better chance of survival.

Here is what she said when I asked if she really  lowered her BP in 1 week with using the black cumin oil I suggested, "Yes, Ma'am. I'm not feeling the tightness in my chest or such short breath either. everyday i feel better."

If you have high blood pressure, do not wait another day.

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