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Adding Swanson Vitamins to My Preferred List for Nigella Sativa Products

I received a Google Alert about Swanson Vitamins offering Black Seeds in capsule form.  I wanted to discuss Swanson vitamins and my honest opinion about their black seeds.  First the quality of Swanson Vitamins has never been a problem.  I find them to be reasonable in price and have never heard a bad word about their quality.

1.  The ordering of Swanson Vitamins depends if you are Muslim or not.  The first product I will review is made from gelatin capsules and Muslims, Jews and 7th Day Adventist do not believe in the consumption of pig products.  Also the capsules contain magnesium stearate which is haram (forbidden) if it comes from animal sources and in the case of using non-vegetarian or halal capsules, this product would be forbidden for the people listed above.  However if you do not fit into the group above you may purchase this product, but I must warn you that any pig derivative is harmful and should be avoided.  How can you expect to be healed by Prophetic Medicine handed down in Islam if you are going to consume the products that Prophet Mohammad, has forbidden?

Description: Full Spectrum Black Cumin Seed ( Nigella sativa ) is an historic panacea that nourishes your entire body. The history of black cumin as a health aid dates back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. Its use is mentioned in the Bible, the words of the prophet Mohammad, and in many other ancient texts. Today we know that these tiny seeds have over 100 constituents, many of which have yet to be identified but appear to provide unique nourishment for human health and wellness. Our Full Spectrum Black Cumin Seed capsules deliver pure, whole seed powder for convenient daily use.

400mg each - Dosage 2 per day $3.79 for 60 capsules. Swanson Full Spectrum Black Seed Capsules

2.  Swanson Vitamins also carries whole black seeds which are halal or allowed in Islam.  They are 100% certified organic and are suitable for cooking and using for health reasons.  They still need to be heated as directed in my prior articles.

Heating will bring out their nutty flavor for cooking and remove the tartness of their original seeds.  These are more expensive costing $5.49, but are less expensive than the oil. Seeds are heated to avoid any stomach upset. They appear to be completely acceptable in my opinion.

Buy Swanson Vitamins Whole Black Seeds.

3.  Swanson's Black Seed Oil Vegetable Capsules contain only black cumin oil and are placed in vegetable capsules.  Each Capsule contains 500mg of the oil and there are 60 capsules in each bottle.  This is a much better alternative opposed to the cheaper capsules in number 1 above.  Although they are more expensive, value wise this is better. The oil is 2 1/2 times stronger than the seed anyway.  The price of these capsules is $6.99

Buy Swansons Black Cumin Oil Capsules

The prices of all three products are extremely fair and I am pleased to add them to my list of acceptable and approved products.  You may want to try them.  They do not compare to Mountain Rose Herbs however which carries the best products available.

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