Got Pain? Try this Natural Remedy Using Black Seed Oil and Vinegar

I have seen a basic remedy all over the web using vinegar and black seeds for eczema, acne and facial skin problems.  Vinegar is also good for pain.  So through my research I came up with a simple recipe to treat both your skin and use it as an ointment for pain.  Many have pain and inflammation due to cancer's side effects.  This remedy will reduce swelling and inflammation and help with digestive problems.

For skin problems or pain, lightly rub the oil mixture where needed.  Take 1 teaspoon to 2 teaspoon daily also.

I have added the turmeric and ginger for two reasons.  First it is excellent to reduce inflammation, but second it is a natural remedy for pain.  I highly suggest you buy the best products that you can afford.

Black Seed Oil Pain Remedy



  1. Place the black seeds, ginger and turmeric in a jar and then mix in the apple vinegar.  Mix well. Let sit for 1 to 2 weeks and then strain.  Strain a second time through a cheese or cotton cloth. 
  2. Add in an equal amount of black seed oil. Make sure to heat after mixing the oils and then refrigerate.

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