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Black Seed Recipe Used to Treat Daughter's Cancer

This recipe comes to you from a woman who practices hijama.  Hijama is cupping or blood letting.  Hijama is a common practice in the Middle East.  The practicioner makes 7 to 9 tiny slits in the skin with a tiny razor blade and then a cup is placed over the incisions and the bad blood is pumped to the top.  

This pumping action is done several times before the session ends. Each time the blood is wipe off before the second cupping begins. It is virtually painless, but the procedure will leave the patient weak.  It is necessary to take iron supplementation afterwards and patients are told not to eat any protein for three days.

Hijama is a practice of Prophet Mohammad and thousands of Muslims worldwide have this procedure done.  The practicioner does not need a license of any kind and is usually versed in natural remedies.  Cupping or hijama should not be done on Wednesday or Saturday and the best days to do hijama are on the 17 th, 19th and 21st of the lunar months.  With emergencies, any day will suffice though.  Some states in the US have outlawed hijama, such as the state of Georgia.

Recipe of Woman who Cured Daughter's Cancer

My friend swears this is all she did to cure her 10 year old daughter's cancer.  First she did regular cupping and second she fed her this black seed dip.


Equal portions of each ingredient: black seeds, oregano, wheat kernels, sesame seeds.

You must prepare each ingredient separate also. First the black seed needs to be heated and ground.

Next you have to heat the wheat kernels, so you can grind them.  The whole wheat should be lightly sautee' in a skillet until softened and then allowed to cool.  Then grind to a fine powder.

You will now need organic oregano that can be ground to a fine powder.

Place all these ingredients in a bowl and mix well.  Add in the toasted sesame seeds and walah you have the mixture she cured her daughter's cancer.