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A lot more to curing cancer than a few seeds
I received an email the other day and the woman said I want to know how black seeds and loofah can cure my bladder cancer so I can buy your products. 

 As my boiling point ignited, I had to respond to her.  I thought about never writing to her, but I knew that she may not understand how grossly inaccurately this was.

First I or no one in my company can guarantee a cured cancer.  While I will take till I am blue in the face about the research and the results from top universities on the efficacy of the seeds and oil, only God can make guarantees.  

Many trials show that the cure rate is 80% and more. What exactly does this mean?  It means that 8 out of 10 people lived.  So Nigella sativa (black seeds) did not cure the cancer 100 percent, but it was found to be an effective treatment.

This is why we add other herbs and supplements to the protocol to make sure we get a higher percentage of success.  One woman claimed this was wrong to say this, but the truth is these other things are insurance.

Cancer - Yeah Sure

The other part of the email that bothered me was expecting an overall cancer cure for any cancer.  When we look at the research, we must look at which cancers have been studied, the success rate and the recommendations of the researchers.

No 2 cancers are the same. So stage I cancer is treated different than stage IV cancers.  You can't just write and say I want you to cure my bladder cancer and I will buy your products.  I am not a salesman, I am a healer.  I will not sell any products to people who will not be well.

First there is a diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations that go with the protocol. Prophet Mohammad not only gave us the seeds and the honey to take, he taught us how to live.  You cannot take a few seeds and expect your cancer is healed while you gulp down diet colas and eat candy all day long.  It is a common sense protocol.

While I am one of the cheapest protocols out there for cancer, it is not something you can just say cure me.  If I had a magic pill, I would be a millionaire.  First study about black seeds.  Buy a book and learn how to be well. 

Then read up on the full health wellness programs and then decide if you are ready to follow the protocol.  You can buy the book on implementing my cancer protocol and handle it yourself.  You do not have to buy any of my products.

I hate emails when they say "so I can buy your products."  This is either a person who has no intention of buying my products, a cyberbullier or an idiot.  I help people readily to heal their cancers because I want you to be well.  If you buy my products ok, but me answering your email is not based on that so called "fake promise."

Step-by-Step Guidelines for the Black Cumin Cancer Protocol

Here is a link to my latest and very short ebook:  Black Cumin Cancer Protocol