No Alternative Remedy Cures 100% of the Time

As you begin to study the science of curing cancer you will see that there are more than 400 alternative cure treatments and not one, including black cumin has a 100% cure rate.  The only way to defeat cancer completely is to annihilate 100% of the cancer cells.  This is why I and others have created a multi-prong remedy. This multi-prong remedy goes after the cells the black cumin does not kill.

These remedies also should be noted have no science backing. That means my remedies, and all other cancer doctor remedies are based on sound judgement, research, testimonies and personal trials. So when I tell you that a good cancer diet is a must, note that their are no peer reviews requiring that.  Everyone of the top stage V protocols include a cancer diet, such as the one on void of meat, sugar, white enriched flours.  Some diets allow fruits, such as the Budwiq diet and others have you avoid this totally.  Fruit is sugar and sugar feeds cancer.  My position is low glycemic fruits and preferably morning only and limited amounts.

Do you know with the Bill Henderson Protocol, he has a documented 12% cure rate? Although he advertises more. Do you know with Max Gerson, he has a documented 50% cure rate? Do you know with Budwig (the current version), there is a 50 to 60% cure rate and do you know with black cumin there is a 70 to 90% cure rate. The highest cure rate is with prostate cancer, then comes pancreatic cancer with 80%.  Funny statistics actually being prostate is one of the easiest to cure and pancreatic is one of the hardest cancers to cure.

Even with my black cumin protocol I suggest adding olive leaf and luffa leaves with the protocols. With the Honeycomb protocols, we add in black seed oil and olive leaf too.  No two cancers are the same and to advertise or promote this would be wrong.  Where many companies go wrong is just trying to sell black seed oil alone. It just is not enough.

I have seen people order just black seeds and want to cure pancreatic cancer in the 4th stage. It just is not enough.  It takes much more.  So before you get all involved in low quality protocols remember that it takes more and most all reputable protocols will have multi-prong herbs and oils.  Almost all today include black seed oil.  Why? Because it works.  Even if you are doing chemo, you can combine black seed oil with your protocol.

Black Seed Oil is a cure all and it never has failed me.

Affiliate Sales and Who I recommend and My Life Plan

I have begun to organize websites and articles. OMG!!! there is so much work to do and I figure at least one year or more. I never realized how much work was needed. In the process of selecting affiliate companies, I have come to one conclusion, that I can not compete.
These larger companies are offering free shipping, 100% returns, best shippers such as UPS international. Iherb ships for $8 international over $40. Amazon has the best selection for US residents. I do not like the international Amazon. Starwest as the best reputation for herbs. Iherb does sell many Starwest herbs and great values.
Iherb sells 10 days of probiotics for $1. How can I compete? I just can't and it is futile to even think I can. What they can't offer is service. What my company was famous for was offering direct contact with the owner in guidance what to buy to treat cancers and disease.
I have found no company that offers fig leaves of quality or Yemeni Honey and Honeycomb. If I do come back next year, those products will be my mainstay. I however will probably not return as by then most will have found alternatives.
I am amazed at what these companies offer and I am proud to be able to offer them to my clients now and have researched what is best. I will continue to update my articles and books and rest as much as I can.

What I have found is that glucosamine chrondroitin helped the most when taken in 1500mg daily. Taking one a day did nothing. Myrrh was second best and the cream was invaluable. The cream we mixed many oils including black seed oil and myrrh oils and 6 other oils.
Diet is imperative and lifestyle is a change. I am more calm these days and I tolerate little. Have eliminated friends and some were just royal pains in the batoot. I know more of where I want to be and have accepted more of what my destiny is.
I tell you it was highly humiliating closing my stores. It was an ego thing you know. I worked hard to help clients get the products and now we are posting recipes to help people to try to create their own protocols. While they can never do what I did, they can come closer to what they were doing before.
I have learned to accept hibernation more and have set up people to help me. I am suppose to go for the awful MRI this week. As you know I am against these things as they cause cancer but it appears it is a must.
I have a worker who works outside and does the cleaning and one woman who helps inside and my loyal taxi of course. I then have my beautiful cats who support me often.
I have been blessed beyond measure. I buy in bulk now to have lots of food and herbs in my house so I do not have to go out much. My pain is minimal and I have learned how to control most. The inflammation is down and so is the swelling.
It is colder than blazes in my home but I have tons of heaters and I am sure my elec bill will be enormous. I feel blessed and honored that people trusted me and let me in their home. I feel so lucky to have learned what I have and to had illnesses to help others with. I hope that what I have shared has helped most and healed many.