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Garlic Good for Cancer

When I posted my cancer article or protocol should I say on I was forced to remove the part where I recommended garlic as part of the protocol.    

I was told that garlic impaired brain function by the then head of the company, Webster Kherr.  He stated that many of the top doctors on Cancertutor would never allow me to post such a protocol.

So even though I had doubts I agreed and removed the part that suggested 4 pieces of fresh garlic daily.  Wrong decision for sure.  Webster Kherr told me this was based on the work of Bob Beck.  Here is his email to me:

Bob Beck, who was a PhD in physics and who developed an electromedicine protocol for cancer, said, as others have also said, that garlic kills brain cells.  Whether it does or not, many people in alternative medicine don't like to use garlic.

So if you can find a substitute for garlic, I will get fewer emails (yuk yuk).

THANKS for your offer,

Now we know through the work of Dr. Greger that garlic is the number one thing in all cancers that helps to cure cancer.  We are talking about veggies.  In fact the best things to eat when on a cancer diet is garlic and onions (all types in fact).  So a salad rich in garlic and onions is the best.
For me the best tasting is cucumbers and onions in a vinegar and water solution.  You can add some fresh slices of garlic to this mix.  The vinegar bath should be 25% vinegar and 75% water.  Add in some salt (sea salt of course) and pepper.  This is the easiest way to eat your onions without frowning so much.  Keep in mind that cucumbers have absolutely no affect on cancer.

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