Building Up Your Immune System with Smart Dosage

Building up your immune system is essential  to fight off disease and especially cancer.  In some cases you could have cancer and not be aware.  

Pancreatic cancer can be in your body for up to 20 years before the first signs are seen.  Rarely does this cancer exhibit any signs until it has spread and this is why many cancer patients are Stage IV when discovered.  Stage IV means the cancer has spread to vital organs. 

Black Seed Oil has been proven to increase the immune system, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and/or treat, prevent gray hair, harden nails, eliminate migraines within 24 hours, reverse heart disease, treat diabetes 2 and more.  So the dosage of black seed oil can only help you live longer and better.

What is Smart Dosage

Smart dosage means shocking the system and then tapering off.  For building up the immune system -- start with 2 teaspoons of oil taken with a good raw honey (the best is Yemeni, second Manukah and third local honey)  on an empty stomach.  Then after two weeks change to 1 teaspoon.  This will shock the system with Nigella Sativa many vitamins and nutrients.

Think about a new baby. The baby needs nourishment to grow and be strong.  Without the right nourishment, the baby may die.

Buy honey 

The best protocol is to take 1 teaspoon of oil and then take 1/2 teaspoon of black seed honey before sleep.  Black seed honey can be easily made using black seed powder and a good quality honey.  Start with a 1/3 kilo of good honey and then add in 1/4 cup of black seed powder.  Mix well.  Add in another 1/3 kilo of honey and mix well again.  

Wait 1 day as the seeds will thicken.  The next day add more powder to the mix.  You want a very thick mixture like chocolate.    This black seed honey is meant to eat alone and not used to mix with your oil.   Oil and honey do not mix. The oil will float to the top and so you must use a good quality seed (Egyptian is the best) that is ground.

New research shows that seeds heated to 100 to 140 degrees are the most effective for cancer treatment.  Seeds that are raw or heated over 150 degrees C. were ineffective.

For Cancer, we suggest 3 teaspoons daily or if you are using  Perfect Press Black Seed oil you can use 2 teaspoons daily.  With this oil we suggest vitamins D3, Vitamin C and IP6, turmeric (must be mixed with black pepper - 1/8 percent) and a healthy diet.  We also suggest olive leaf, pomegranate leaf powder and luffah leaves.

Do not be fooled by other websites who want to sell you oil alone.  A multi-prong effect is best.

Disclaimer:  Suggested dosage is not approved by the FDA and can only be considered a suggestion, not a cure.  It is always adviseable to be seen by your doctor and let him monitor your progress.

I want to say 100 percent I am vastly against chemo and conventional treatments.  It is best you read "Relax it is Only Chemo. "

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