Infused Black Seed Oil with 10 Super Foods

This is my newest remedy for health.   We take the best super foods available, listed below and infuse them with black seed oil.

The end result is the best black seed oil on the market.  In the past we had our top seller to be saffron infused black seed oil, but this one will beat that one to a pulp.

So if you want to buy the best black seed oil on the market -- shop here.

Ingredients for my infused black seed:

1. Black Cumin Seed - known as "Blessed Seed"
2. Blueberry - known as "The Blue Superfruit"
3. Acai Berry - known as "Most Antioxidant-Rich"
4. Chlorella - known as "World's Greatest Healthy Aging Food"
5. Pomegranate Leaf - Has more cancer fighting properties than green tea or red grape seeds."
6. Moringa - known as "Miracle Tree"
Bee Pollen - known as "Nature's Most Complete Superfood"
8. Wheatgrass - known as "Rejuvenation of Aging Cells"
9. Turmeric - known as "Spice of Life"
10. Saffron - known as "The Most Expensive Spice in the World"

Main Benefits of my infused oils

1. Stronger immune system
2. Detoxify heavy metals and toxins
3. Fight cancer
4. Control blood sugar
5. Balance hormones
6. Improve digestion
7. Fight arthritis
8. Reduce blood pressure
9. Promote good eyesight
10. Help for mental alertness
11. And many more...

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