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Chemo vs Life - Should I Give Up My Job to Avoid Chemo Toxic Treatments

Question: My wife has cancer and her job insurance requires she take chemo. What shall I do.
Answer: Pray to God for help, go before your church and speak of your circumstance and by no way, means or how take chemo. 

Let's take Pancreatic cancer. With chemo your recovery over 5 years is 2.1%. That means out of 100 folks, 2 people will live and 98 will die. So maybe chemo gives you a brief break but then it causes secondary cancers and you die.

Remember Tammy Faye Baker? Patrick Swayze and many others trusted chemo too and where are they?…/famous-people-who-died-o…/reference…

How many die in the US from Pancreatic cancer yearly? 53,070

Is it worth losing your job? yes. Now let's say you are broke. Well don't order the Dr. Sebi 1500 pack. Go on a natural alkiline diet and eat the best you can without sugar, white flour, meat or fish. Take vit d3 daily. Order $22 of herbs (see post below) sea moss, bladderwrack and burdock), Pray much - Order 500 ml of black seed oil. $40. So if you add up the herbs, black seed oil and d3, you have $76 and Amazon ships free. Now don't tell me you can't afford this.

The food cost no more than the diet would have if you fed him red meat and junk.
Guys you have a choice.

2.1% of conventional patients will survive cancer past 5 years.
Research shows that many many patients die within 30 days of getting chemo. Why? the docs force them to take it with promises of hope. Nope. The docs do not get paid unless you are given chemo 4 times. 

Ethan Wrote a recent article on how chemo kills more than if you did nothing at all too.…

Read: Relax it is only chemo:…

Guys I don't make this up. I am a cancer expert and became that way because I have had 15 people die in my family from conventional treatments. When I got cancer, it was me and God and that is all. Because I saw my dad suffer so much.

Give up the job and support the reality that there are more options than chemo.