Nebulizer Treatment for Bronchitis and Pneumonia Using Ionic Silver and Black Seed Oil

I had 3 cases of pneumonia in a row due to a stroke I had a few months ago.  They tell me this caused problems in breathing.  I tried many things to cure the pneumonia but none of them worked.

On one of my trips to a doctor, he hooked me up with a nebulizer machine and I felt immediate relief.  So I told him to bring me one.

A few days later, the doctor still did not come to my home with the nebulizer and so I purchased one at my local Pharmacy.  It was from Philips Compressor, a very good brand and the price was reasonable too.

 So I asked what kind of medicine I needed to go with the nebulizer and he gave me the best one they had called Ventolin.  The problem was he did not tell me the nebulizer solution needed to be diluted.  So I added the solution to my brand new machine and I overdosed quickly.  My entire body was having mass tremors.

I called my doctor and he told me I had to get to the hospital as I would go into cardiac arrest.  So I called an ambulance and my neighbor and had one of the worse nights of my life.

Ambulance Drivers are not Nice

Keep in mind I live in Jordan and not for sure if all ambulance drivers are the same, but this one was awful.  His main concern was where was I from, how old was I and did I have children.  He did not even want me to lay down in the bed.  I told him I was going to report him for his bad behavior too.

I finally got to the hospital and went through all the check in and met my doctor and he told me that I did not need to come.  He wanted to know who my doctor was that sent me there.  I finally got home at 3am and just wanted to see my cats.

After a few days I went to the pharmacy to complain and find out how to mix the medicine.  In the meantime I talked to a man on Curezone about Ionic Silver and using it in a nebulizer.   He told me to use it full force or with Mullein oil for the mucus.  I chose to use it full force and it cleaned out my nostrils well.

Testimony for Nebulizer

Tony Isaacs, left me a testimony to show what he did to help a woman with pneumonia.  Here is what he said:

A few weeks ago a friend on Facebook wrote that she had a horrible bronchial infection and could barely breath. I suggested that she get a nebulizer and mix 5 parts Colloidal Silver to 1 part lobelia extract and 1 part mullein extract. I also suggested that she get a Chinese herbal formula known as ClearLungs. This is a combination I have personally used and seen others use many times with great success.  Actualy it is not colloidal silver, but ionic silver.  Ionic silver is 10,000 times stronger than colloidal silver.   Read here on ionic silver potency.

A few days later, here is what she wrote me:

"I just wanted to let you know how much better I feel. Quit the inhalers and nasty medicine for the nebulizer I was prescribed and just stuck to your program. I do a mister with distilled water also and feel so cured. That growth that was blocking feels almost non existent now. I will continue the program until I visit the horse doctor or the oncologist so they can listen to how clear my lungs are. God bless you my friend.


So I looked online for the products I needed and a thought came to me, why not just add black seed oil to my ionic silver.  So I added a few drops of black seed oil to the ionic silver from Soverign Silver and began my nebulizing treatment.  Sure enough in around 8 minutes of treatment, I could breathe well and I felt satisfied.

In the evening I decided to compare the Ventolin to the black seed oil.  After the treatment my entire windpipe swole up and I had a major panic attack.  I did not know how to breathe and it was 2am in the morning.

I found some essential oils and put them in my Now Diffuser and turned that on and went to rest.  By the morning I could breathe again and I knew then I would never use that stuff again.  The next day began again my black seed oil treatments in the nebulizer and I continued to improve daily. 

I have never gone back to the meds and instead use my treatment with ionic silver and black seed oil.