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Why is Everyone So Crazy About Himalayan Pink Salt?

There is probably not a single person who hasn’t seen a peculiar pink-colored salt stocked on supermarket shelves, but – what exactly do you know about it? What makes the pink Himalayan sea salt so unique and beneficial for our health? Keep reading to find out.  I use to use this brand but quickly switched to Sowell when I compared prices and quality.

Let’s Start from the Very Beginning. Literally.

Pink sea salt has existed on our Planet for millions of years. Because it’s so ancient, people also call it sometimes ‘’The Jurassic sea salt’’. Once upon a time, as Earth was constantly changing, the seas had vanished, evaporated, and left beautiful lands of salt deposits with interesting, pink, color.  

The color was actually created by a microorganism that had lived in the sea back then. 

Let’s go back in time eons ago. Imagine an untouched land where dinosaurs roamed the beautiful and yet uncorrupted nature, with unpolluted seas and fertile ground. Thanks to the Himalayan sea salt, you can easily go back to what really matters – your health.

If you fast forward to today – the pink sea salt is still mined without the modern technology, machines or explosives. Respecting and paying homage to nature for creating it, the pink salt is again extracted solely by hands of miners, crushed and cleaned manually and left to dry under the sun. 

The salt wasn’t exposed to toxic pollutions from dirty surroundings born through air and water. It’s easy to see why it kept the title of the purest salt on earth.

“The researchers reported that neg-ions without any other treatment (that is, no drugs) seemed to cure attacks of asthma and bronchitis more quickly than drugs, antibiotics included… children treated with neg-ions were less prone to ‘rebound attacks’ (relapses)… the scientific report said that the tests ‘demonstrated that atmospheric ions have an effect on infants, especially those suffering from asthmatic bronchitis. Less scientifically, they found that the babies didn’t cry as often and as loudly as they did in normal air.” 
The Ion Effect, by Fred Soyka, p. 57, 1991. 

 Pink Himalayan Sea Salt vs Table Salt

You have probably heard that too much salt is bad for you. Too much salt can make you retain more water and feel heavy, put pressure on your kidneys and increase your blood pressure. However, the right amount of salt is good for your body which is continuously troubled by stress, too much work, and lack of sleep.

Who can put up with bland food? 

Almost nobody. But the question remains – what can we do to make healthier choices and choose the best nutrients for our diet? When it comes to salt used for cooking, you have to wonder: what’s the best type for you? Which leads us to…

The Main Differences between Himalayan and Table Salt

Pink Himalayan sea salt contains more than 80minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and many more. Optimal mineral intake is crucial, and their variety makes the pink salt more balanced. It’s important to note that pink salt has just 87% sodium chloride.

Now, regular table salt is different. The manufacturing process is industrialized so it’s not as natural as the pink salt. Therefore, it lacks the only thing that truly pure nature can give you – it lacks minerals. Typically, regular table salt contains 97% sodium chloride which can have adverse effects on your health. 

That percentage is too high for anyone, and that's why table salt is considered to be unhealthy, and many dieticians and doctors advise to cut back on it.

Furthermore, sometimes manufacturers add iodine to table salts, which is good for you, but since they add it large quantities, that iodine and sodium chloride can harm you.

Himalayan salt for the immune system

The Most Important Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

No wonder why everyone is so crazy about the Himalayan pink salt when it has so many health benefits. We will list the most important ones below. 

·       Creates a balance in your body’s pH

Pink Himalayan sea salt is rich in minerals that help create a good balance of your body’s pH. We could all use more balance in our lives, especially when it concerns our health.

balanced pH allows your body to function correctly, making you more energetic with enough stamina. Also, it makes you calmer and less edgy, all the while helping your digestive and urinary systems.

·      A breath of fresh air

Did you know that pink salt is antibacterial? It's good to keep this in mind. Also, pink salt lamps that emit ionized molecules can help with excessive mucus in your lungs. Whatever you do, your lungs are forced to breathe polluted air – it’s just the world we live in. But Himalayan pink salt can help you purify your environment. 





        Anti-inflammatory abilities

Pink salt also removes pathogens that reach your lungs while boosting up your immune system. Have you ever had problems with allergies? Pink salt prevents allergens from entering your lungs and your organisms you can expect less allergyissues and that pesky stuffy nose feeling. It’s beneficial to relax in Himalayan salt caves because fresh air can help your respiratory problems. 
·       Help your tummy, so it doesn't feel funny

You can mix pink salt and create all sorts of things. One of them is a beneficial and healthy mixture of water and Himalayan salt. If you use it every day, you can help your digestive system. It neutralizes the stomach acid while boosting your metabolism, thus creating harmony.

·       Freshen up your air

Remember that Pink Salt has an antibacterial effect ? Lamps with pink salt pink salt can clean the atmosphere of your entire home or office. Also, clean air means less negative energy around you and better indoor air quality. This rings true especially in the winter when rooms can get stuffy.

Sleep soundly

Himalayan salt can help you have a good night’s sleep. We are talking about that blissfully restful sleep that recharges your body and soul since it contains well-balanced minerals. Use it as a natural sleeping aid without burdening your body with unnecessary medication.

If you don’t take enough pink salt, your blood pressure drops during the night, which makes your brain go into a nervous mode in order to compensate for low blood pressure. This, in turn, causes restless dreams, and you were waking up during the night without the ability to fall asleep again for hours. Optimal intake of pink salt can help. 
So Well Neti Pots

Nutritional Values of Pink Salt and Table Salt

It is crucial that you know what foods and  spices you use in the kitchen. This is not a question of whether you love this ingredient, but also what is in it. 

For example, pink salt contains 1,6 mg of Calcium, which is necessary for our bones, compared to the table salt that has the only 0.4 milligrams. There is 2.8 mg of Potassium, compared to 0.9 mg in table salt. 

Himalayan table salt is filled with a substantially more significant amount of Magnesium – it contains 1.06 mg which beats the poor amount of Magnesium in the table salt by a multifold (0.014mg). Optimal Magnesium intake can help you with muscle cramps.

It’s Unanimous - The Winner is Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt has been kept intact for millions of years, and through considerate mining and nature preservation processes, it is good for your body and the environment. 

There are no added artificial ingredients or colors, and less sodium chloride means better kidney function and blood pressure regulation. Pink Himalayan sea salt can even help men increase their potency and stamina. 

This nature’s miracle can serve multiple purposes – from boosting your immune system, purifying and improving indoor air quality, to helping you achieve the optimal mineral balance. That is why the Himalayan salt should definitely find a way to your table. 

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A follower makes a drink called sole'.  I asked her what that was and here is here answer:

@BSE IMPORTS/EXPORTS it is a solution made from distilled water and Himalayan rock salt. You take one teaspoon of the solution and add it to a big glass of distilled water and drink it it activates the electrical system and also lowers anyone who might have blood pressure problems it will regulate it. I have taken many many many people off of blood pressure medicine and onto the sole everyday it's pronounce s o l a y you can look it up on YouTube. The delivery with the distilled water is phenomenal. I've been doing it for more than 20 years. I have no blood pressure problems at all. It energizes me naturally as it does activate the electrical system.

Youtube Follower
I love pink salt. Its much better. At least its not like normal commercial salt which contains 1/3 salt, 1/3 sand and 1/3 glass!!!! Imagine glass!! Natural sea salt or pink himalayen does not cause pressure, this is what we all think. Its not true. When commercial salt is consumed highly, the glass inside it scratches the veins. Therefore, cholesterol in the body comes to rescue these scratched veins and when you test for cholesterol its there!! Why, its trying to treat your scratched veins. Stop commercial salt and you are healthy as a baby 👶 i make my salt this way: crush black seeds into powder, 1/2 portion and crush 1/2 portion himalayen salt into powder. Mix well and use it wherever you want :) enjoy.

Written by Samantha SD Davis - CEO and Owner of BSE Imports/Exports.  Check out her Youtube channel and her Main Website - Nigella Sativa


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