Black Cumin the Best Choice for Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure solutions may amount to a simple capsule called Black Cumin.  If you have ever looked for a solution to help you avoid any complications from radiation exposure, then Nigella sativa should be top on your list.

With the recent problems in Japan many are told to take iodine or kelp, but iodine comes with many side effects.  I recently inquired about iodine for my mom and son and found out that anyone taking pharmaceutical medicines could not take iodine except under guarded conditions which are monitored by a physician.  My mom has recent heart problems and my son is currently experiencing eye problems and will have his second surgery in two weeks.

When I checked with a man who sells high grade iodine, he suggested that I look for another alternative.  Iodine is only good for the thyroid, so what happens to those who have multiple problems and a history of cancer, like my son.  My son had stomach cancer a few years ago.

The more I read, the more I decided that black cumin was my best choice.  Read this information on radiation and black cumin:

Immune System Benefits

There is convincing scientific evidence stating that the consumption of black cumin seeds can have benefits for the immune system. A study performed by M.E. Assayed for the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Menoufiya University-Sadat City Branch in Egypt evaluated the use of black cumin seeds on the immune system of study subjects who were exposed to gamma radiation. The results of the study revealed that study subjects who were administered black seed oil orally encountered fewer immune system disorders as a result of the radiation exposure than study subjects who were left untreated. The results of this study indicate the oils from black cumin seeds offer immune system protection from radiation exposure.

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Once you build up the immune system with black cumin oil you are able to handle the problems of gamma radiation exposure, in most cases.  Needless to say there will always be someone who does not fit the mold.

So for me I ordered the black cumin capsules for my mom and son.  Black cumin protects the whole body not just the thyroid.