Be Aware of Deceptive Bottle Instructions by Deceptive Companies

It has come to my attention that many companies know nothing about Nigella sativa (black cumin, black seeds). To protect theirself, these companies are advising people to take black cumin on a full stomach as this is the way most medicines are taken. IDIOTS!!!

One such company is The Kitchen Doctor.  My mother received medicine from this company with explicit instructions to take the medicine 3 times a day with food.  Regardless of medical condition, take 3 times a day with food, IDIOTS!!!

Now as we know here, one capsule is sufficient to maintain good health.  If you have cancer then 3 capsules a day, but again this is deceptive advertising to get you to take more and thus order more bottles.  I told my mother to take 2 capsules on an empty stomach, but she was afraid the company knew more than me, DAAAA!

So sure enough my mom got sick with a tummy ache.  I contacted the company and wanted to see why.  I got a very smart ellic reply and then the IDIOTS blocked my email.  I guess asking for help with stomach aches upset them. IDIOTS!!!!

So of course I promptly banned them from all my lists of reputable companies.  Then yesterday on a forum I frequent one of the health specialist was talking about this.  He stated that this is common practice with many companies as they are not versed in how to take medicines or supplements properly.  A company may know how to produce the oil for profit, but knows little about how to take the medicine properly. DAAAA! IDIOTS!!

So as I am feeling a little goofy and a little disgusted today, just wanted to tell you to beware of deceptive instructions on bottles of supplements.  Make sure you know what you are taking and the side effects involved.

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