Why Do I Have to Take Black Seeds Daily

Today I got another email with this same question, "Why do I have to take black seeds daily, if they are such a strong anti-bacterial protectant?"  I find this question a lot and most people think of black seeds or Nigella sativa as a typical medicine.  If you get sick and go to the doctor, you take antibiotics for 14 days and then you quit. Right?

Then the next time you get sick again, you take the regiment of antibiotics again.  Have you ever noticed that you continue to get sick and you never seem to be totally well with conventional medicine?  Each time you get bronchitis or the flu, it seems to get worse.  With Nigella sativa, if it is taken daily you should see that you do not get sick as much and if you do get sick, then the illness is cured quickly or faster than before.

Nigella sativa is a prophetic cure for the entire body.  It is not just a cure for your stomach or your urinary tract infection.  It was sent to us as a gift from God to cure what ails you.  True if you take black seed for three days your urinary tract infection will go away and true it will be used to treat migraines and true it is a known cure for pancreatic cancer, but if you take this miracle herb daily, you may not have these problems again.

Notice I use the word "may."  No two people are the same and I cannot verify the type of oil or seed you are taking. Many write to me and tell me of these cheap fly by night companies offering low cost seeds and they want to buy them.

Remember you get what you pay for.  When you are buying a home, don't you look for the best location?  Then why consider buying seeds from a low rate--fly by night company?  Look for the best.

Black seed should be taken daily as a vitamin to make you well totally.  I can tell you from my own experience about many ailments that I have cured using black seeds.  I had migraines for 15 years and I suffered so bad and they went into cluster headaches.  I no longer have any migraines.  I started using black seeds and honey and oil on my nostrils and after awhile, I just never got the migraines again.  It has now been 13 years that I have been cured of these migraines.  It took several months for this to happen, but with regular use I am free.

I use to get urinary tract infections all the time and I would take black seeds for 3 days and they would clear up the problem ASAP.  I no longer get urinary tract infections.  I use to have Candida and I no longer have Candida.  The list can go on and on.  All I can say is that my life would not be complete without my Lord and my black seeds.

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