OJ Slushie with Black Seed Oil

If you are feeling kind of sluggish and have little or no energy, then a daily dose of black seed oil is just what the doctor ordered.  Please do not take all those pharmaceutical meds on the market that will make you nervous, jittery and maybe even dead !  Make this simple oj slushie and you will feel great.

I squeezed the juice of 6 oranges and used two of them to make an Orange Julius, using almond milk, bananas, vanilla, honey and the oj juice. and then I froze the remaining juice for later.  As you may know, freshly squeezed oj or any juice will lose most of its vitamins and nutrition after 4 hours, so you need to either drink the juice or freeze it.

After a few hours, before it has become hard and frozen, remove it from the freezer and pound it to loosen up the frozen bits.  Pour the slightly frozen oj in a large glass or jar and wait for it to get slightly slushie.  Add in one teaspoon of the black seed oil and mix.  Get a large spoon and eat your nutritional slushie with no sugar or honey added.

The best way to be energized is 1/2 half hour before breakfast and no you do not need to use the slushie.  You can get the same effect or even better with fresh orange juice.


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