Nigella Sativa Successful Against hypercholesterolemia (High Levels of Cholesterol in the Blood)

Nigella sativa is in the news again and this time the oils were studied in revelance to high cholesterol in the blood or hypercholesterolemia. For those interested in knowing move about this miraculous seed, why not put a Google alert on your email and you will get daily alerts like I do.  The problem is there is so much information on Nigella sativa and black cumin that it is difficult to keep up to date.

Nigella sativa has been used for years to treat many illnesses and first was used by physicians to cure migraines.  I received a question today on Twitter about a woman who has massive migraines and they took her to the hospital to be tested for tumors.  I was asked for my remedy and of course I mentioned Nigella sativa.

I use to have migraines for 15 years and they were so bad that I wanted to take a knife and cut open my brain just to let the pressure out.  Nothing worked and the doctors kept me so drugged that I was incoherent most of the time.  Then I came to the Middle East and learned about black cumin.  This may explain why my cholesterol is always low.  My cholesterol is routinely around 145.

 NigellaSativa help for migraine sufferers:

So the results of this latest test showed:

Results: The results revealed that PBC was effective in reducing the serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoproteins (LDL). Additionally, the experimental diets resulted in a non-significant increase in high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Overall, powdered black cumin at 1% and 2% reduced cholesterol level by 6.73, and 4.48%, LDL by 24.79, and 24.32% respectively. However, the supplementation of PBC at 2% resulted in marked variations as increasing tendency, which was recorded for cholesterol and triglycerides contents after 28 days of study.

Conclusion: Present research investigation brightened the prospects of using powdered black cumin seed in diet based therapies to improve the lipid profile. Further studies are still required to assess the phytochemistry of the plants and indeed the functional ingredients responsible for such health benefits. Such studies would bring meticulousness for utilization of black cumin seeds as a functional food.
Keywords: Functional foods, black

Again the suggestion that regular consumption of the seed is necessary.    Just imagine what the participants cholesterol levels would be after a year of use.  Nigella sativa is not expensive and it just may the miracle drug you have been waiting for.

Life does not have to be so difficult.  Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

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