Internist and Cardiologist Recommends Using Nigella Sativa Daily

Almost daily I get alerts telling me about the many uses of Nigella sativa (black cumin) and I am thrilled that the entire world is waking up to the miracle of this simple gift from Allah.  Although it has been used for more than 2000 years, people are just now beginning to see its true beauty.

Today I received an article about a Doctor in Hernando County, Florida, Dr. Adel M. Eldin, M.D., specializing in internal medicine and cardiology who recommends his patients take black cumin daily.

"It's possible to detect problems before there's an emergency and 95 percent preventable, given our knowledge, medications and lifestyle modifications," Eldin said.

But there's one problem, Medicare and other insurance companies don't cover preventive screenings without the presence of symptoms, he advised.

"Insurance focuses on illness, rather than wellness," he said. "Wellness is there for you."

"When you invest in your health, you won't have to be part of the insurance jungle out there." Eldin said. "I've spent five years introducing a new program that identifies risks, teaches preventive care and provides an on going partnership in healthy living."

Taking Black Cumin Before there is a Medical Emergency

High five for this doctor as he is emphasizing to take black cumin daily before you have a problem, like you would take a multi-vitamin or a B-12 supplement.  Living better, longer and healthier is possible with the right help and guidance.

If I accomplish nothing else in this life, but spread the truth of wellness about Nigella sativa, I have indeed done my part. I can only be pleased that I have lived long enough to see my hard work pay off.