Beware of "Junk" Articles about Nigella Sativa

Nigella sativa is in demand and it is very popular with its anti-tumor abilities so every website in the world wants to write a blog post or something on the subject. Although many mean well, it is apparent that most know very little about curing cancer, black seed or other herbs and nutrients necessary.  You cannot take a few seeds with water and cure cancer.

Some of the claims are ludicrous and I use to be a consultant for a black seed company who had decent oil, but they knew nothing about how to use the product.  So if you know that black seed cures cancer, how do you take the seeds or the oil as it is necessary for cancer?  Many will self diagnose theirself and claim that they have faith and will just treat their own disease without any backing at all.

This is totally wrong and before long this very wonderful cure will be labeled a "Quack" theory based on misinformation on the web.  There are many things you should know when treating any disease, not just cancer.  First you should start with the basics and learn everything you can about these miraculous seeds whether you read every article on this blog, BUY MY BOOK or find a source of very good information.  You need to first understand how the seed cures and why it is so great.

It is not an aspirin you can take when you feel chest pains.  You need to know how to heat the seeds, how to take them properly and what other herbs and diet you should be following.  Even if you take the oil properly and then eat like a pig, you most likely will die.  Along with the cure came instructions for us on how to eat, how to live and how to worship.

First you must believe in the cure.  This is plain old faith healing.  Second you must know the precautions that go along with the cure and third you must know how to maintain your body with the proper foods and food combining.  The stomach is the reason for all disease. Treating the stomach will heal the body and through proper training beginning with honey you shall be well if God so deems it.

Another problem I have with these "Junk" articles is they never tell you how much to take and then we have deceptive bottle instructions by companies who are afraid of their shadow and then God help me I hate these people who want to buy the cheapest product on the market.  You get what you pay for, plain and simple.

So if you want to learn for free about black seed, read my articles on this blog. If you want to be well, then pray and ask God to heal you.  My whole healing came from prayer.  It starts with prayer and it ends with prayer.  I believe in miracles, in angels and I believe that there is a cure for all disease and hopefully you will soon believe so too.