Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

I get asked over and over again how I cured my candida albicans and I tell them about my diet and the continual use of Nigella sativa.  Candida is almost epidemic in in this country and with more and more eating processed foods, white breads and sugars, you will see candida prevalent.  Fungus is also a leading cause of cancer and even more reason to rid yourself of the problem.  This article delves into other natural remedies, but I must say Nigella sativa or black cumin oil should be your first line of defense.

Do not try to substitute black seeds if you have candida because the oil is the strongest when fighting an illness like candida.  The oil is 2 1/2 times stronger than the seeds itself and most will not consume enough seeds to rid the problem.

My number 1 recommendation for black seed oil is Perfect Press.   You will need 2 teaspoons of oil a day and a strong candida diet.  Please refer to this research paper for several research studies on how black seed oil treats Candida.  

Yeast Infections and Home Remedies

Curing yeast infections with home remedies is becoming more and more popular. Yeast infections come in many forms and the most common type is vaginal yeast infection. It is very irritating and will cause you discomfort until it is cured. Using a home remedy comes with no side effects or problems down the road to fear.

Understanding yeast infections in women

Vaginal yeast infections are best treated with natural home remedies because they work better and last longer than conventional methods.

Women are susceptible to yeast infections due to the use of antibiotics, drugs, diabetes complications, pregnancy and ministration cycles (either before or after).
Signs of yeast infection

Some of the main things to look for are itching in the vaginal area, white discharge and soreness. In the mouth, you may see white patches or a white tongue, commonly known as thrush.

Natural home remedies for yeast infections

There are many home remedies to consider and some will work better than others. There are some traditional remedies, such as using the best yoghurt you can find. Some people also prefer using garlic.

There are other newer types of cures using colloidal silver which, have been well received by those who tried this method.

Yoghurt vaginal yeast cure

Take some good quality yoghurt and dip your tampon in the yoghurt. Do this twice a day. Continue this treatment until you do not have any signs of infection. For additional precaution, you may want to do this yeast cure for around four days.

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is also useful. You can mix colloidal silver with some fresh aloe gel and a few drops of tea tree oil. Coat your tampon with this mixture and leave in for at least 20 to 25 minutes. You should also drink two tablespoons of colloidal silver daily.
Herbal remedies for yeast infections

Yeast infections thrive on sugar. The best way to get rid of a yeast infection is by ridding your body of sugar. Sugar comes in many forms such as fruit, carrots and white flour products.These must be avoided.

Lemons can be eaten and other fruit should be slowly introduced once you start eating normally again.
A diet rich in vegetables will benefit you the most. Not all Candida (yeast) diets work, so do your homework and research which one will fit into your lifestyle.

Final word

In addition, you need to build up your immune system and this can be done with the use of Nigella Sativa or Echinacea. You can also eat some minced garlic daily along with yoghurt. Other herbs that are helpful are: myrrh, goldenseal, rosemary and cedar.

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