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Begging Someone Not to Die From Cancer

Her name is Um Mohammad Tiaz and on Tuesday she will be operated on for breast cancer.  She had a stroke around a year ago and recently found out she has a large lump in her right breast that has been there for a long time.  The family panicked and has decided to let her be operated on.

Luckily she cannot have chemotherapy or radiology treatment due to her weakened condition from the stroke.  The quack doctors have convinced the family that this is her only chance to live.  I am horrified at this diagnosis and although I begged and begged them not to operate they insist they have no choice.

We all have choices and cancer is not a death sentence.  Cancer means that Allah has given you a test and you must decide if you want to live or die.  She has stage I cancer and the cancer has not spread.  As much as I tried to convince the family that Nigella sativa can cure cancer, they insist on following the doctor's orders.

Here in Jordan 100% of the people who get cancer die within 5 years. When you look at a survival chart for cancer, you look at the 5 year survival rate because many cancer survivors will come down with a secondary cancer and die.

Chemotherapy has a warning on the packaging that it may cause aggressive secondary cancers and of course the secondary cancer in most cases cannot be cured. Then after the chemotherapy, radiation therapy or operation, they give you the death-linked drug tamoxifen which also specifies that it causes secondary cancers.  In other words your time is limited and the doctors will tell the family that this was not their fault, it was their destiny.

How do we as a natural wellness society convince people that their only chance to live is by going natural.  I gave them a few choices.  I told her to take Nigella sativa and lufft, a common remedy for cancer here in Jordan and the Middle East.  Could curing cancer be that simple? No, some do not survive and I must state that natural remedies do not work for everyone, but the higher percentage does survive.

Let's look at pancreatic cancer, one of the worse cancers there is.  In studies conducted at Kimmel Jefferson University, they were able to annihilate 82% of the cancer cells.  So out of 100 patients 18 will die. Using conventional therapy, only 4% survive following a 5 year period. There is a 20% survival rate for the 1st year. So tell me, which therapy sounds the best?

If you knew that you had an 82% chance of surviving using Nigella sativa compared to 4% by using chemotherapy why in the WORLD WOULD YOU EVEN GO TO A DOCTOR? I am beside myself and sad on this day.  You deserve to live, won't you please listen to me more.

UPDATE:  Um Mohammad is still alive.  She never has recovered from her stroke but moved out of the area with her son  and her husband retired.  I am thankful that she listened some and is doing better.