Testimony: Black Cumin Oil for Dementia

I have been working with this man named Ken for awhile and he like very few has been working hard to follow my directions to the tee.  He so wants his wife to be well and he has been ordering black cumin oil from me for his wife to take. Here is his testimony today:

Will be ordering the Black Seed Oil, hopefully for a long time to come, and next time we do, I'll check in with you to see that you are given proper credit for all the sales.My wife continues to improve! There was a shipping hold up for the Black Seed Oil for the stomach paint, but that is now on the way.
We've been taking the Black Seed Oil for about a week now along with Father Romano's reciepy. We are about 90% into the protycol. The cold pressed olive oil and the lemon is not easy to take before bedtime. The only parts we still have to add is the stomach paint, more frequent detox bathes, and some Acetyl-L-carnitine. I'm adding Lecithin to the juices we drink. There is undeniable improvement so far. It's a lonely battle, and we wouldn't know what to do without you. I still find it incredible that you advanced this protycol feeling as poorly as you did. With the power of prayer and positive energy anything is possible. You are so far ahead of the times!