Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Faith Healing and Nigella Sativa

I am a big believer in faith healing and have used it many times in the illnesses and cancer that I had.  My belief that Allah would heal me, just may have been the one thing that healed me and Nigella sativa was just a drink in the night.  As we begin with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to reflect on some real life stories of people who were healed with faith. I am here to tell you that through faith you will be healed.

Nigella Sativa - The Original Faith Medicine

When Muslims were told 1400 years ago by Prophet Mohammad, ”There is healing in Black Seed for all diseases except death.”Weren't they suppose to go on faith?  I tell people over and over again, when you begin this protocol, you must believe that the miraculous seed will cure you. Isn't faith what makes us believe in Allah, God or even Prophet Mohammad?

So Prophet Mohammad's followers were told to believe in the little black seed and they should take it often to avoid all disease except death.  Imagine the talk? Prophet Mohammad was loved so much that few would doubt his word, but some did I am sure.  When I first started taking Nigella sativa some years ago I went on faith, but not just by taking a few seeds and saying walah!!!  First I pray to Allah and ask him to heal me and then I believe in the messages he send me through prayer, heart or second sense and I change my diet according to his wishes.  So I am not asking you to believe that the cure will work and do nothing else.  I am telling you that you should believe in the power of Nigella and follow a healthy diet and exercise program and most assuredly to thank God or Allah daily and pray very much.

Woman Cures Stage III Cancer with Faith and Black Seed

 A popular story on Natural News tells of a woman who took black seed and honey and garlic.  Nigella Sativa (or black seed, as it is more commonly called) is a well-documented cure for many forms of cancer, including pancreatic cancer. Black seed is used to treat everything from migraines to cancer.

A woman in Yemen, suffering from 3rd stage cancer, sought a natural treatment. She was advised to take black seeds with honey three times a day, in addition to garlic and honey, also taken three times per day.

Her husband faithfully crushed the seeds and mixed them with honey. He also crushed the fresh garlic and mixed it with honey. After three months, her cancer disappeared. The woman has continued to use honey and garlic, even after the disappearance of her disease.

12 Year Old Boy Cured of Brain Cancer

Again we have a story of a mother's faith in healing her son's cancer. She gave him 9 capsules a day of black seed oil.  In just a few months he was cured.  Did faith play a big part in this cure?  The mother had faith in God and the Treatment and the son had faith in his mother's love.

Faith in Other Religions

Faith is the basis of all religions and it has been proven that people who had religious faith during their battles with cancer and other diseases were cured 7 times more than those who did not believe.  People worldwide are running to buy the best black seed oil because they have "faith" in the teachings and well also in the case studies being done.

So through faith they believe that the medicine will cure and they will be saved.  Desire to live is playing a very strong role in society.  A study by Dr. Andrea Phleps and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute delved into the study of faith by near end cancer patients and they found that people with faith did better, strived harder and worked harder to live. 

The Washingoton Post reported, "I am fond of the story that Dr. Larry Dossey tells of an introverted woman who waited last in line to see him following one of his talks. She wanted him to know that 30 years ago she had undergone surgery for colon cancer and was told she had 6 months to live. Dr. Dossey asked her what she did, for she was an obvious survivor. She told him that she did nothing. She just lived with the faith that she was well." 

Grandmother Cures Breast Cancer with Faith

A woman wrote about her grandmother and her faith that she would be healed.  When she was told she had breast cancer, she said, "I ain't got no damn cancer." She turned around and left the doctor's office and never returned.  Was this faith that God would heal her or that the doctor was so dang stupid, he did not know his ass from his ear?  Faith comes in many forms.  Many will tell you that no one dies before their time and so they believe that no matter what they do, they will survive.  Is this insanity or just plain the feeling of invincibility.  Kind of like Superman!!

Eight years ago the woman came down with Leukemia and again with her simple voice she said, "I don't reckon I've got it." To this day she is not cured, but she is still alive and kicking.

Chris Heals Cancer - The Story of A Grandmother's Desire for McDonalds

I love to read Chris's website where he talks about God and his gratitude to be alive.  He tells of taking a grandmother to McDonalds to eat because she was just kicked out of her home and she had children with her.  She had to use a voice box to talk and so he agreed to pay for whatever they wanted. They order more than $38 worth of food, but Chris paid. The grandmother told of being cured of cancer and thus the reason for her voice box and Chris told her too he was cured.  She thanked him for his generosity and he told her woman, “You’re welcome. I want you to know that God has blessed me. That’s why I’m able to do this for you.” His faith in God and returning the favor or paying it forward caused him to have faith that the money would be returned.  He knew he owed God for the gift of life.

He met his wife and told her what happened and they both teared up.  He said, "What can I say, God is so good. He has changed my heart and now I’m a big softy."  

Faith Makes Us Humble and it Makes Us Appreciate

According to the American Cancer Society, "Available scientific evidence does not support claims that faith healing can cure cancer or any other disease. Some scientists suggest that the number of people who attribute their cure to faith healing is lower than the number predicted by calculations based on the historical percentage of spontaneous remissions seen among people with cancer. However, faith healing may promote peace of mind, reduce stress, relieve pain and anxiety, and strengthen the will to live.

What a bunch of bull!  I believe that faith heals and can heal even at late stage cancers.  I believe that God can heal who he pleases, but in some cases we may not like what he decides. I have seen some very good people called home early in life and I often wonder why the good always die first.  I have read of stories where people had a lot of faith with breast cancer and they were at peace, but they died anyway.

Sometimes you have to know that faith healing does not mean "cured."  Faith means to believe that whatever God decides is ok.  


When you are a loved ones are sick, seek the help of the higher power and follow the guidance of experts with the best protocol to cure your cancer or illness.  Have faith that there is a cure and that this is not the worse thing that could have happened to you and then even though you cannot understand why you were brought to this place, you will follow and do as he asks.

There are hundreds of stories of faith healing on the internet and in books.  People who believed with all their hearts that they would survive.  My father believed with all his heart he would live.  He prayed to God that he would do right and change his life around, but he relied on conventional healing.  Even the strongest faith in the world can not cure you if you are using death injected medicines.  I pray that no matter what remedy you try combined with faith, it will never be chemotherapy and radiology.

God be Always with You.

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