My 4 Hour or Less Cold and Flu Remedy

Today I woke up with running eyes and nose and general overall bad feeling.  I knew immediately what I had to do and I could not wait one single moment.  My 4 hour or less cold and flu remedy works best when you start the protocol immediately at the first signs of a cold or flu.

I cannot really take credit for the base ingredient as I saw this remedy on the Dr. Mercola forum.  One woman talked about what she did for a cold and flu and I thought I must give this a try.  I have upgraded it and improved it in my opinion.

So I ran to the kitchen and began to grind my olive leaves.  I grow olive trees in my back yard so I harvest my own leaves.  At the bottom of this article I will give the best source to buy olive leaf powder.  Olive leaf powder is very fine like baby hair and to help you place it in capsules easier I mix mine with fennel seed.  Other things you can add to the powder are barley, grape seed powder or lufft (leaves of the luffah scrubbers if you are in the Middle East).  You can use the olive leaf alone if you prefer.

Black Cumin Oil

At the first sign of a cold, run for the black cumin oil.  It will improve your immune system.  Simply mix 1 teaspoon of black cumin oil  with 1 teaspoon of raw honey and take every drop, even licking the plate is suggested. Take this a few times a day and as I always recommend black cumin (Nigella sativa) should be taken daily to keep you in the best health.


The Olive Leaf Mixture

When mixing the olive leaf powder add in a small portion of your additive.  Today I added in some grape seed powder and barley.  The percentage must be less than 10 percent.  Place the mixture in a coffee grinder and blend to a fine powder evenly mixed.

Now it is time to fill the capsules.  You want to fill 21 capsules of the olive leaf mixture which should take you just a few minutes.

Take the 21 capsules all at once. At first you will wonder if it will kill you, but no you will be fine. Continue to take 9 capsules daily for the next week.  Take the 9 capsules in divided dosages.  Olive leaf is a natural antibiotic and is good for everything from cancer to Bell's Palsy.

Time Schedule

5:03 - Began to take the capsules
5:10 - Completed taking the capsules
6:00 - Sniffling stopped, running eyes starting to clear up
6:30 - Jump in the shower and absorb the steam and take a shower.
7:00 - Eyes cleared up, no more aches
8:00 - Nearly all signs of a flu gone
9:00 - I am jumping up and down with gratitude.

I am thanking Allah for his mercy and knowledge.

One other thing that could help you if you lazily did not begin at the first sign of a cold or flu. is my "Stop a Heart Attack" Formula.  The formula is full of natural vitamins and antioxidants.  The formula contains lots of ginger, tons of garlic, raw honey, lemon juice and raw apple vinegar.  This is a perfect jump start to any cold and flu remedy.

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Chicken Soup for a Cold or Flu

Nothing makes you feel better than my famous chicken soup for your cold or flu.  It is very healthy, full of antioxidants and it taste wonderful. Just pour yourself a big soup mug of this wonderful soup.

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