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Prophetic Healing vs Conventional Healing of Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa)

I find most people are totally confused by the healing abilities of black seeds. I have seen where people took a few seeds and wanted to see a miraculous healing come to them and I have seen people search for the cheapest bargain on earth and then being upset when they weren't healed 3 days later.

I attribute much of this malarky to the internet with their grand promises of grandeur and miraculous healing just to sell a bottle of oil. I then have seen many companies give the wrong way to take the medicine combined with triple the dosage. These are ways for people to try to protect theirself when clients are not happy.

Taking more black seed oil then what I prescribe will not make you well sooner. Taking the seeds without following the rest of the dietary prescription is like taking a multivitamin and eating 3 gallons of ice cream.

I have seen people on candida diets who refuse to follow the diet saying they are hungry. In order to be well you must follow a healthy diet plan also. My cancer books detail a healthy diet and exercise program, not just the oil.

Black seeds were a gift from Allah. Plain and simple. If you cannot believe in principal one then you may never be healed. You do not have to believe in Allah, but you do have to believe in their healing power. It would be like following the Gerson juicing protocol and not believing that it will work.

Faith healing begins with the inner soul. The second principal of the healing is by buying the best medicine. I hate to see people buy the local discount crap that is on the market. I know a woman who is in the UK and she spent tons of money making a beautiful website and then imports her merchandise from over seas. It is impossible to know the quality of the merchandise that way. How can they verify the oil is organic and cold pressed?

I have seen miracles happen with Mountain Rose herbs and that is why I push them so much. My sister eliminated her migraines in 2 days after suffering for 20 years. Another client dropped her blood pressure 34 points in one week and yet another client has restored much of her face after a bad bout of bells palsy. These are people who first had extreme faith.

I have seen no other oil on the market with these results. Other oils will work well but not as quickly. I personally take Hemani oil and it has healed me time and time again. I cannot ship Mountain Rose here or I would.

Along with the healing of the seeds come with the prescription on how to live. The guidelines we received were:

1. Do not eat fruit when you are sick. This goes along with the candida diet plan. Many try to not change their diet properly.
2. Do not eat very hot with very cold.
3. If you eat fruit it must be alone or before the meal.
4. Eat cheese with watermelon.
5. Eat walnuts with cheese.
6. Do not drink with your meal.
7. Do not mix sour and sweet fruits together.

We were also told to drink barley broth when sick. In another saying we were told adding swiss chard to the broth of barley will increase wellness. Right now I am drinking barley and swiss chard broth.

If you want to be well look inside of you, have faith, buy the best oil or seeds and then follow a healthy diet. If you are not willing to change your way of living, then a few seeds are not going to help.

Cancer diets are void of meat, so if you have candida why are you eating meat? If meat is eliminated when your body becomes so toxic and swollen with tumors, then how is candida different? All disease starts in the stomach. Eliminate the way you eat and supplement with the right oils and you can be well if Allah so allows.

Dr. Gary Null, free speech advocate and health writer stated that black cumin oil is the most important oil you can put in your system. He takes the oil daily. Black cumin oil is the most studied oil on the planet right now. New research is being done daily.

It improves your immune system, cures cancer, HIV, MS, Parkinsons, baldness, asthma, allergies and regulates blood flow. The list goes on and on.

Myth #1: This does not happen overnight. Don't take the oil expecting overnight healing. It took me 2 months to get rid of my migraines. My cancer took 3 months.

Remember if you start taking black cumin, it is a commitment for life. As it increases your immune system you will need to have that power punch daily to keep your systerm int he best condition. Black cumin is not a fad diet. Without this commitment, you are wasting your time and your money.

Then should you get cancer or a serious disease the body is able to fight back with a power punch. You can be well with Allah's permission.