Update on Woman with Dementia - Successful with Black Seed Oil and Father Romano Recipe

I wrote about this woman before who came to me with severe dementia. 

Her Husband Ken started writing to me and immediately I told him I was very busy and did not have time.  

He waited a few weeks and wrote again and asked me if he could ask me one simple question about an article I wrote and I agreed t answer.  Again I told him I was very busy and instead of getting off huffy he just waited.  About 1 month later he wrote again and very politely asked if I had time now and I agreed.

I appreciated his manerism and the fact that he was willing to wait till I was not busy.  Few are like that today.  He told me he believed in my protocol and was willing to do whatever I told him to do.  I told him first step was to go buy the best black seed oil.  I told him after you purchase the oil write to me again.  He did exactly that.  I needed him to be on the best products when he began this protocol.

I sent him my complete dementia protocol and he started following the protocol the best he could.  He along the way adapted the protocol to fit his wife's needs the could.

After purchasing the oil, he purchased a high speed blender.  He did not say which one they bought, but the VitaMix is highly recommended.

 They made a smoothie out of bananas, yogurt, blueberries, ground flax seed, mango or pineapple and orange juice.  Says the juice is incredible. He is also a big fan of the Kusamine-Budwig power breakfast I wrote about.

Her first trial was to be able to move again, remember and leave the home.  She was able to leave the hone and have hope after a short while of taking the black seed oil. 

 Then they started taking an abbreviated  version of the Father Romano cancer cure. Ken changed the remedy and would use only the gel (inside the leaf, not the whole leaf), raw honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar. He saw remarkable improvement with this simple abbreviated remedy and before long she was off all of her medicines.

Her diet consists of fruits and vegetables and nuts, juices, lot of water.

Ken and his wife made the choice to be well and you can do the same thing too.  I am so blessed to know these people.  There simple testimony may make many well.  Ken said they are not there yet, but feels they have accomplished so much.  So if you have been told that dementia is not reversible, think again.


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