Man from Spain Cures Migraines with Black Seed Oil

I met a man on Twitter and he was always retweeting my black seed articles.  While I was very thrilled I wondered if he needed some help.  He was most curious about the effect black seed supposedly had on migraines.   

Like most people, the effect of black seed on the body with its miraculous curing abilities stuns people.

Then a man on my Face Book page from Spain inquired about how much would it cost to ship seeds and oil and I found out at the post office and we agreed to send him a package to his home.  I had no ideal that the two were related.

The father later told me he tried the oil and the very first day the migraines stopped. Still not being able to believe this simple remedy could help, he continue for another 10 days.  Each day the patient was migraine free. Even his patient was shocked. After years and years of suffering migraines, he was free at last.

So What did the Man from Spain give to his Client?

I had told them to take a small portion of the Black Seed oil when a migraine was coming and place a dab in each nostril and to massage the temples and top of the head where the pressure is felt. Black cumin (black seed) has anti-inflammatory properties.  

I also recommended that they take black seeds and mix 1/2 and 1/2 with honey.  So he took 1/2 kilo of raw organic honey and mixed it with an equal amount of black seeds.

Instead of waiting for the migraine to attack, the patient used the oil daily on the pressure points where the headache attacked and on the nostrils. He then took 1 teaspoon of the honey mixture before sleeping.  To this day Richard's client is migraine free.

While some websites will try to tell you that curing migraines is not an easy job and they will suggest you take acupuncture and a wide arrangement of herbs and drugs, this simple procedure works every time.

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