Nestle Seeks to Patent the Medicinal Properties of Nigella Sativa

Nestle, one of the largest companies in the world, not only wants to control the water supply, they want to control the very popular medicinal plant Nigella sativa, also known as black cumin, black seeds and kalonji.  

Nestle now wants to take what Allah has given the world to heal with because they feel they can.  Not only are they prominent in the food stuff market with over 65 million in assets, then now want natural alternative clinics to ask their permission to help people be well without pharmaceutical intervention.

This is not only the biggest farce in the world, this is most likely a ploy backed by the pharmaceutical giants to monopolize the world.  Here is what the CEO Peter Brabeck touted: "Water is not a human right and that corporations such as his should control water to preserve it for future generations"

In addition to controlling naturally occurring water, Nestle is also striving to monopolize and control a naturally available plant called Nigella Sativa. According to patent filings, Nestle is claiming ownership of nigella sativa, for "nutritional interventions in humans with food allergy."

The corporate spokesperson for Nestle wrote to Business Standard that the patent application was filed at the European Patent Office in the US, Japan, and China. "It claims the use of an opioid receptor stimulating compound for the preparation of a composition to treat or prevent food allergy," he said.

The Natural News article has reported the claim wrongly and boasts that the Nigella Sativa flower is also known as the Fennel Flower. This is very wrong.  The Fennel flower is only a representative of the flowers in Spain and France..  Nestle is choosing to dominate the world market and thus this is why they have patents in the US, China, Japan and Europe. This means total domination of all markets.

The fennel flower, as being touted on the web is not a correct term and represents a very small block of flowers.

So what does this all mean?  It means that you and I would have a very hard time buying  true organic Nigella sativa in the future and that everyone wanting to produce a product using Nigella Sativa would have to pay Nestle big time.  

By their dominancy of the market, Nestle would be in sole control of every future research project.  So being it cures Pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and more, they would be gazillionaires.

This is nothing but another notch in the belt of the government forbiding people to buy naturally and be well without conventional methods.

What is My Advice?

Stock up my friends, stock up.  Black seeds do not go bad.  You can safely stock them for up to 5 years.  You do not have to refrigerate them, you can store them safely in your closet.  I fear in the near future the price will go up and so will the demand.  As more and more research projects are completed, so will be the demand.  As demand goes up so will the price.



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