When Faith Healing Becomes Deadly -- Couple Arrested After Second Child Dies

According to the Washington Post, Herbert and Catherine Schaible ignored a court order to seek medical attention for their 8 month old baby and the child died. The couple was on probation from the death of their first child 4 years ago.

Was this death the fault of the parents or was it the fault of the system?  Surely the welfare agency in charge of their case would have checked periodically on the small baby that could possibly be in danger?

According to the news, the couple were teachers at their church and believed as the rest of the believers that medicine was forbidden and that through faith you will be healed.

I am a big believer in faith healing combined with the healing of God.  So as you all know, Nigella sativa (black cumin) was a gift sent to us from Allah to heal the world.  This revelation has millions of people right now today rushing to buy black cumin to heal every ailment from cancer to Multiple Sclerosis.  I teach that faith healing or through prayer many will be healed.  However, having faith does not mean you should not seek alternative methods of healing.

I am vastly against pharmaceutical drugs and hospitals as I see more die from side effects and infections than do the actual disease, but this couple went to extreme measures and through their teachings at their church, First Century Gospel Church in northeast Philadelphia, did absolutely nothing more than pray.

Their church website forbids Christians to take medicine, seek medical help and it is a grave sin to seek medicine over faith.  I call this cult medicine.  I know that even though you have faith, you must be relistic and sometimes you must seek help, especially in life dangering situations.

My protocols call for the combination of both remedies.  Belief in God and his mercy and taking the proper natural medicines.

The crime we see here is that they had one child die 4 years ago and they were supposed to be under guidance and yet the second child, 8 months old, dies.  These children were so young they could not seek help or guidance.

The Body Knows Best

The father only went to the doctor once in his life and this is how he lived.  True faith believes in God alone and without help from any source and I can understand his underlying faith.  But sometimes the infections are so bad, medical help is needed.

I had a friend who lived off of God's medicine all of his life and then one day he got depressed.  He was so depressed his family was worried. So they took him to the local hospital and they prescribed him medicine and two weeks later he died.

The doctors told the family this happened due to his body fighting the strange "alien" that was infiltrating the body system.  Either way the family was not aware this was possible and they regretted trusting the hospital system.

What Happens When Disease Infiltrates the Body?

You do not die from cancer.  You die when the cancer tumor spreads. So the object of the cure is to stop the cancer before it spreads.  Black cumin and some other remedies are known to cure cancer, even pancreatic cancer, which is one of the worst but the protocol calls for some drastic changes in your lifestyle.  Praying is part of the protocol as more people have been healed who had faith then those who did not believe in the hereafter.

I always tell people to pray and ask God to give them the answer as to which protocol to follow.  However, expecting God to come knocking at your door with an angel of mercy is not going to happen except in a few rare occasions.

There are many instances where angels have shown mercy to human beings and even after they die, they are brought back to life.  Just today in the news there is a story of a woman who died giving child birth and she came back to life. But for most to rely on this possibility is not only criminal, but insane.

As an adult you know when you are in really bad shape and you can seek help as needed, but an 8 month old baby has no way to seek help.

Knowing the Difference

Faith healing is the belief in God and that he has the ultimate answer to all problems and disease.  God did not force you to eat unhealthy, to drink colas daily or to live in a high stress world.  He did however provide people with the answer in case the disease comes.  

While I can't judge this situation as I don't know all the details.  I can only say for me I disagree with this type of mentality and can only pray for the child's journey to his next life.