How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Immediately with Black Seed Honey

I was having a lot of stress this month and started feeling pressure in my chest and inflammation in my body.  Funny how stress and anger will do that.  I just had one problem after another and another and even told my neighbor it would be a wonder if I did not have a stroke.  Well lo and behold things got worse and I decided to check my blood pressure.  I was shocked to see how my normal low blood pressure had gone up to 136/88.  I was in danger and I had to do something fast.

I heard that if you wanted to lose weight all you had to do was take a cup of hot water and add in some honey and take this 1/2 hour before breakfast and before sleep. So I had some very delicious black seed honey.  So I got a cup of hot water and put the dipper in the honey and then swizzled it all around my cup and waited for it to dissolve.  I would drink the totty as directed.

Sure enough within 24 hours my blood pressure was normal again.  It had dropped to 114/67 within the 24 hours and stabled out.  I will continue to use my instant cure and who knows maybe I will lose a few pounds too.

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