Question: Can You Heat Nigella Sativa Seeds After They Have Been Ground

Answer:  Daaaaa, no!   If you are going to heat your seeds as I recommend and as my protocol requires, you must do this prior to grinding.  I suggest you heat a small amount at a time.  Why? Incase you make a mistake.  Many first time people heating seeds, mess up and burn them or undercook them.

If you have a small electric oven, I have found the nearly perfect way to heat seeds.  Place 500 grams on a baking tray. Place them in a cold oven and turn the oven to 180 C.  Turn only the bottom burner on and bake them for 14 minutes.  Do not open the door when the bell rings that they are done.  Let the heat steam them for at least 1 hour.

After 1 hour, open the oven door and taste the seeds to see if they are bland.  They should not be harsh to the tongue but just ever so slightly tangy, more on the bland side.

After the seeds are cold, remove them and place them in a blender, half at a time. Take a wooden spoon and using the handle help to move the seeds around the blender as the blender blends.  When they are chopped up, place them in a bowl to dry.  The oils are now released and you want them to air dry before storing or they will clump together.

After they have dried, at least 1 hour take the seeds and again grind them in a coffee grinder.  Only add enough to fill the grinder half way full. Grind to a soft grind.  This step is not necessary if you are putting the seeds in capsules. Never ever use gelatin capsules, only use halal or vegetarian capsules.

You do not need to store your seeds in the refrigerator or freezer.  They will last for up to 5 years in their present state if you store them correctly.  I store mine in zipper bags I have made.  You can store them in glass jars which is best and keep them closed in your cabinet.  Do not expose them to the light.

No need to grind the whole lot of seeds you have. Grind a small amount and see what you need.  Being healthy is simple if you know the proper steps to wellness.

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