How to be well from new world antibiotic resistant viruses and bugs

Illness and disease.  Recently there was news of at least 80 deaths from Ebola and how it is resistant to antibiotics and treatments.  We are seeing more and more of these type of highly potential deaths.

In Jordan there is a flu/virus circling in my neighborhood that defies normal treatment. My neighbors are sick for 4 weeks and more and even normal antibiotics cannot stop it.  

You get well for a day or so and then you have an immediate relapse.  Even the best medicines are ineffective.  This is in the wind.

I do not believe that Jordan is alone in this fight for health.  It appears to be another unknown virus circling the world.  The only way to fight this is with a strong immune system. To those with low Ph, low immunity and especially the elderly, this is extremely dangerous. 

You must double your black seed oil today up to 4 tsp a day until this season passes.  1 tsp is no longer enough.  I personally have seen some severe cases here and it worries me. Another test from God they may say. Also start taking turmeric daily. 

Detox your body, drink lemon juice diluted with equal water daily.  When you wake up drink a glass of water and before sleeping again another glass of water. Buy some vitamin c and take this religiously. Do not take any with aspartame.

Get the sugar out of your diet, drop the colas and eat more veggies. Take care of yourself so you are not susceptible to this new virus or cancer or whatever comes next.  I fear this is only the beginning. Cancer rates will triple by the year 2030.  

That is 16 years away.  By year 2020 they will double, that is only 6 years away.  So what about next year or the year after. Yes, rates will increase.

Low immunity, you have no way to fight disease.  Drink a cola and your PH drops to 2.2.  Be smart, be wise and do your body good.

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