Woman Cures Ovarian Cancer with Nutrition and Avoided Chemotherapy

A wonderful story about Rita Ramparte who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and chose to live again naturally.  

Her story is something I can cling on to as it is something I do with my patients.   She was at a New Year's party and met a chiropractor who told her she had something wrong with her spine.  

She told her she was willing to adjust her for free.  So she went with the woman and allowed her to work on her.

While the woman was working on her she used her hand to scan her body and discovered many things wrong with her.  She told her she had 16 gall stones and if she would start cleansing, she should not stop until all 16 stones were gone.  She told her to get a pen and paper.

She had no intention of doing these things, but wanted to be courteous due to the fact she had been kind to her.  So she began to write and the woman told her to go buy an enema bag and lots of organic fruits and veggies and she had to start juicing.

The woman told her she needed to go see a gynecologist because she had something wrong with her productive organs.  Again she agreed.  Of course she did not really think anything was wrong.  When she went to the doctor they discovered several cauliflower like growths on her ovaries and they wanted to test to see if it was cancerous. 

She was in shock, but she went to tell her husband. He acted like Oh yeah sure and like he was not concerned.  She realized first that her diet was so bad and second that if she got sick her husband would not help her.  Her body was toxic and so was her life.  She had to do two things and that was to get rid of both.

So she went and got all the organic fruits and veggies and her enema bag and she began the juicing as that one mysterious woman had told her to do.   When she went back to the doctor she was already feeling better and had more energy than she had in years.  The doctor told her she had cancer and they wanted to do surgery and start her on chemo.

She refused and told the doctor, give me 4 months to do it my way.  If I am not better in 4 months, I will consider the surgery.  So she went home and started her program.

She ate
  • No dairy
  • No meat
  • No sugar
  • No eggs
  • Nothing cooked
 She started exercising and joined a yoga class and used her body like never before.  She lost tons of weight and yes she cured her cancer too.  When she went back to the doctor, the doctor swore she must have used some kind of hormone treatment or other aids. It was impossible diet alone did this.  She wanted the doctor to spread the word about how nutrition saved her, but of course he would never do that, because doctors do not get paid to save you naturally.

While this story is unique, I would still suggest using black seed oil to build up your immune system and turmeric and olive leaf.  Every cancer is unique and no two cancers are healed the same. 

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