Making Okra Water for Diabetes

I saw this article on Natural News and I loved it.  So we want to up the recipe slightly to make it better.  

While the Okra has tons of health benefits, I am not convinced it is the best treatment for diabetics. 

We are going to add in black seeds and fig leaves to the water which are both proven scientifically to treat if not cure diabetes II.  Now while the remedies are not proven to treat Diabetes I, it would not hurt to add this to your diet routine.

How to use okra to treat diabetes

It has been confirmed that consumption of okra water daily can help stave off disease of diabetes and keep the blood sugar levels normal. Here is the direction to make okra water:
  1. Wash 4 medium size okra pods and clip off both ends of the pods.
  2. Poke the pods with a fork on opposite sides or split them in half
  3. Place the pods into a glass and cover them with clean, room-temperature water, leave it for a whole night.
  4. Give the pods a good squeeze before removing from the water.
  5. Discard the pods and gulp down the water.
Here is where we change the recipe.  Once you have the Okra water, add in 2 teaspoons of black seeds and 1/4 cup of fig leaves.  

Add in enough water to make 1.5 cups of fluid.  Bring the water to boil and boil for one minute.  Remove from the stove and steep for 10 minutes.  Now drink the liquid.

If you want you could add the liquid to a green smoothie.

Amazing Benefits of Okra:
  • It’s super low in calories and contains a number of vitamins and minerals. Okra seeds and pulp are high in the antioxidants catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin B1 and B2, quercetin and rutin that can fight the damage caused to cells by stress and other environmental factors.
  • Okra is rich in folate, which is considered as an important natural compound for the pregnant women to help grow and maintain new cells.
  • A study  found that regular consumption of okra can help prevent kidney disease. It has been proven that those who ate okra daily can reduce the medical signs of kidney damage.
  • Okra contains a good amount of Vitamin C, which is a crucial compound for healthy skin. It promotes growing skin and rejuvenate damaged skin.
  • Okra is high in fiber, so it’s a good choice to add this high fiber vegetable to your diet to promote a healthy digestion.
  • Have dandruff problem? Okra helps! Okra improves the overall scalp condition by moisturizing your scalp and keeping dandruff away.
  • Okra contains healthy amounts of Vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining a healthy vision.
  • Okra helps prevent and improve constipation, this is the fiber absorbs water and ensures bulk in stools.
Read the entire article Here 

His source article where he got the information states that dried okra could be used if you do not have fresh.


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